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  1. 111.
    Disclosed are a system and method to solve a significant class of problems in unified telephony calls and make multi-party calls far more productive, problem free, and viable as a communications vehicle. The inventive step is the introduction of a token or tokens into a unified telephony application. The...
    IPCOM000219186D | 2012-Jun-25
  2. 112.
    A method and system for resolving meeting times of recurring meetings by accessing calendars of participants of the recurring meetings is disclosed. The calendars of participants are accessed and the recurring meetings are scheduled based on availability of the participants.
    IPCOM000219185D | 2012-Jun-25
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a presentation optimization method that helps user manage development and edits, especially related to the use of shapes and animation.
    IPCOM000219184D | 2012-Jun-25
  4. 114.
    Disclosed is a method to use unified communications (UC) merged with location awareness capabilities as a means of sharing location information among conference call invitees/attendees. This allows an invitee/attendee to indicate that they would like others to join them at a specific location, as opposed to...
    IPCOM000219183D | 2012-Jun-25
  5. 115.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing type-ahead suggestions to a user for selecting a recipient for an email message. Further, the system also shares type-ahead suggestions from relevant co-workers of the user.
    IPCOM000219182D | 2012-Jun-25
  6. 116.
    In a typical SoC design there are many IP’s that have an internal scratchpad memory or temporary buffer for temporary storage of data. As the complexity of systems increases, more IP’s are included in a SOC. This increases the number scratchpad memories and in turn, the amount of area and power consumed by these...
    IPCOM000219181D | 2012-Jun-25
  7. 117.
    The touch application allows pre-assignment of fingers with specific actions, for example through the settings. The pre-assigned actions are performed during the gesture. In the example below, it is assumed that the user has pre-assigned Size with index finger (Finger-1), CSS Margin with middle finger (Finger-2), CSS...
    IPCOM000219180D | 2012-Jun-25
  8. 118.
    A system, method, and computer program product are provided for providing content to a user utilizing a mood of the user. In use, data associated with a mood of a user is identified. Additionally, the mood of the user is determined, based on the data. Further, content is provided to the user, utilizing the mood of...
    IPCOM000219179D | 2012-Jun-25
  9. 119.
    A system, method, and computer program product are provided for presenting entity-related events using radially divided concentric circles. In use, a plurality of events associated with at least one entity is stored. Additionally, a set of the events is retrieved according to a preconfigured time period. Further,...
    IPCOM000219178D | 2012-Jun-25
  10. 120.
    Numerous aircraft are already equipped with satellite communication systems (SATCOM) offering audio and datalink functions to the pilots. However, today there is no capability to communicate from the cockpit through the SATCOM IP network that allows high speed connectivity. Based on a COTS Wi-Fi module, a simple...
    IPCOM000219177D | 2012-Jun-25