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  1. 141.
    A method and system is disclosed for identifying unmanaged network devices in a network by crawling though IP addresses of all network devices in the network.
    IPCOM000219156D | 2012-Jun-23
  2. 142.
    The method and system discloses enabling a user to mark the ground surface with a graphic. For example, laying out sports fields, mapping an outline of a building plan, creating a large scale message in a parking lot, making crop circles, and replicating a company logo on a sports field are examples.
    IPCOM000219155D | 2012-Jun-23
  3. 143.
    Method and system is disclosed for determining critical path between two nodes in a given project plan wherein each node is associated with certain meta-data characteristics.
    IPCOM000219154D | 2012-Jun-23
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a system for automated notification of changed and/or improved search results based upon the intelligent determination of active interest in the search topic.
    IPCOM000219153D | 2012-Jun-23
  5. 145.
    A method and system for using multi storage level thumb drive with selectable drive access and identifier is disclosed. The method and system allows access to plurality of partitions and storage arrays on a portable Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage device.
    IPCOM000219152D | 2012-Jun-23
  6. 146.
    Disclosed is a system for executing direct advertising to owners of electric vehicles.
    IPCOM000219151D | 2012-Jun-23
  7. 147.
    A method and system for providing an option to enter connecting hubs for searching flights is disclosed.
    IPCOM000219150D | 2012-Jun-22
  8. 148.
    In order to meet the requirements of the Montreal Protocol, China will phase out HCFC-141b beginning in 2013. Refrigerated ‘Reefer’ container OEMs face the challenge of replacing HCFC-141b with non-ozone depleting blowing agent alternatives without compromising thermal insulation performance. Potential solutions...
    IPCOM000219149D | 2012-Jun-22
  9. 149.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically altering content and structure of a presentation based on reaction of an audience.
    IPCOM000219148D | 2012-Jun-22
  10. 150.
    The present disclosure relates to deployment of small diameter cables and winch operation.
    IPCOM000219147D | 2012-Jun-22