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  1. 161.
    Disclosed are a system and apparatus for teaching gesture movement on a mobile device. The system uses vibrations generated by small motors installed in the device to emulate a gesture for a particular task.
    IPCOM000219136D | 2012-Jun-21
  2. 162.
    This publication discusses a fast method of replicating SCSI write caches between storage controller nodes in a cluster. Instead of using traditional methods involving sending messages and data across an Ethernet channel, it is possible to have such nodes connected in common to an area of fast, persistent memory....
    IPCOM000219135D | 2012-Jun-21
  3. 163.
    This disclosure relates to a proposed implementation of a consistency locking scheme for SES enclosure status pages during status collection.
    IPCOM000219134D | 2012-Jun-21
  4. 164.
    This disclosure relates to an improvement in active system optimisation using analysis of interactions between threads (cross and contention pain) to predictively recommend workload placement on the best available affinitisation domain.
    IPCOM000219133D | 2012-Jun-21
  5. 165.
    The present invention relates to the field of geology, geomechanics, well testing and reservoir stimulation. In particular, the invention characterizes the average size of a natural fracture crossing a borehole by analyzing the fluid pressure evolution in time due to fluid injection into a wellbore. It is based on the...
    IPCOM000219132D | 2012-Jun-21
  6. 166.
    Business Processes often interact with documents. These documents can either be stored in proprietary data stores or their management and storage can be done by a Content Management System (CMS). When the latter is used then the question is how to efficiently search document information at execution time of a business...
    IPCOM000219131D | 2012-Jun-21
  7. 167.
    Storage systems are introducing block level real-time compression capabilities to reduce – usually in combination with thin provisioning – the amount of storage capacity needed to store the data of a storage volume. With this approach, the compression becomes transparent for the computer system consuming the storage...
    IPCOM000219130D | 2012-Jun-21
  8. 168.
    The publication proposes a method to provide a per-slide indication of how much additional time should be spend on the current slide, exploiting voice recognition technique against pre-tagged (most significant) keyworkds included in the current slide and their synonims
    IPCOM000219129D | 2012-Jun-21
  9. 169.
    IPCOM000219128D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Jun-21
  10. 170.
    Die allgemeine Entwicklungstendenz geht bei gasisolierten Schaltanlagen (GIS) klar in Richtung höherer Gasdrücke und höherer Nennstromratings, bei stetig zunehmender Kompaktheit der Schaltanlagen. Da im Nominalleiter einer GIS durch Stromfluss im Nominalbetrieb bei höheren Nennstromratings mehr Wärme erzeugt wird,...
    IPCOM000219127D | 2012-Jun-20