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  1. 171.
    In den bekannten Designs von neueren Stromwandlern ist eines der grössten Probleme die Wärmeableitung aus dem Wandler. Unter dem Begriff Stromwandler wird dabei nicht ein Umwandler in klassischem Sinn verstanden, sondern funktionell ein Stromsensor. Eines der Probleme beim bekannten Wandlerdesign liegt darin, dass...
    IPCOM000219126D | 2012-Jun-20
  2. 172.
    Der Gegenstand betrifft ein einschaltfestes Kontaktsystem, welchs ein schnelles Erden, etwa im Zusammenhang mit gasisolierten Schaltanlagen, ermöglicht. Da beim Ausschalten des Erders beziehungsweise Erdschalters einer Schaltanlage, insbesondere einer Hochspannungsschaltanlage, häufig kapazitive oder induktive...
    IPCOM000219125D | 2012-Jun-20
  3. 173.
    Disclosed are a system and method that allow a user to define many characteristics (i.e., establish a profile), within a calendar system in order to optimize their participation in the most effective meetings. Once the characteristics are established, the calendar requires less user time to manage. The system...
    IPCOM000219124D | 2012-Jun-20
  4. 174.
    The problem to solve is to provide a simple fast user interaction to specify options e.g. an element of a dropdown or a time with the additional bonus to not require any additional screen space. Pie menus are a good way to achieve that, but sometimes the basic pie menus lack some of the required fexibility. A single...
    IPCOM000219123D | 2012-Jun-20
  5. 175.
    DIMM Population Rule Check by iMM is disclosed. The iMM is utilized to send out a error message if the memory population is not correct before the system powers on. This can be achieved by adding a standby power to SPD circuit so iMM can access DDR SPD in standby conditions.
    IPCOM000219122D | 2012-Jun-20
  6. 176.
    Adding some extra space next to the rack for the purpose of the door storage is disclosed. The additional storage space for rack door is easier, safer, and much more convenient than the current rack design.
    IPCOM000219121D | 2012-Jun-20
  7. 177.
    In order to improve the data capacity in the QR code, an idea to define a method to classify the grayscale levels to carry more data is disclosed. These grayscale levels make a single bit to indicate more than 1 or 0. That is to say, each bit will present even 4 or 8 possibilities while the new QR code which is...
    IPCOM000219120D | 2012-Jun-20
  8. 178.
    IPCOM000219119D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Jun-20
  9. 179.
    A method for implementing a pull up and pull down resistor array is disclosed. The method and system includes implementing two versions of pull up and pull down resistor arrays i.e. a fixed logic version and a one-time programmable version.
    IPCOM000219118D | 2012-Jun-20
  10. 180.
    Disclosed is a method to allow a cache controller to speculatively read a cache line while it is waiting for the core that owns the line to process a coherency message to change the state of the line.
    IPCOM000219117D | 2012-Jun-19