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    Here is proposed is a method that provides a new approach to optimise web pages performance in term of response time, based on the idea of associating the page to the browser providing the best response time to load it. This information is computed automatically, in a repeated way (with some user decided frequency),...
    IPCOM000219434D | 2012-Jun-29
  2. 12.
    Die vorliegende technische Neuerung betrifft ein Solarblech, auch Dichtungsplatte genannt, welches Solarblech einerseits zum Einsetzen in einen Dachplattenverband vorgesehen ist, und andererseits als Befestigungselement für solartechnische Ausrüstungen dient, beispielsweise für Photovoltaik-Paneele. Das Solarblech ist...
    IPCOM000219433D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Typical backup architectures are based on the client-server principle where the backup client copies the data to the backup server which stores the data on a storage medium. Problematic in this architecture is that the backup and recovery process is dependent on the availability, reliability and performance...
    IPCOM000219432D | 2012-Jun-29
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    This paper describes a collaboration tool that helps persons that live in different countries to work together respecting their culture and tradition. The Global Calendar gives information about vacations days for all interessed places (cities, regions, countries) and helps users to plan trips, meetings and projects...
    IPCOM000219431D | 2012-Jun-29
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    The article describes a method and system to create and manage a reference of a resource which is stored in a shared storage and managed by a shared service both being provided by the Cloud, instead of using the actual link to the resource.
    IPCOM000219430D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Here is proposed a mechanism that automatically records each periodic event, and automatically sets a time interval reminder associated to that object
    IPCOM000219429D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Often, we go out of home leaving there things that we should have carried with us. We are in hurry, leaving home to go to office, and we forget to take the computer with us or the car keys or the badge or the swimming pool bag. A system to help a forgetful person would be advisable.
    IPCOM000219428D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Here is proposed a method, protocol and apparatus that allows to exchange data potentially coming from far locations, leveraging on the presence of mobile apparatus capable to exchange data in a local short-range point-to-point or broadcast way (like bluetooth or infrared communication methods), and on the fact that...
    IPCOM000219427D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Method and system for a smart software installation
    IPCOM000219426D | 2012-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000219425D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Jun-29