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    Die vorliegende Offenbarung befindet sich auf dem Gebiet des Schaltertankbaus für gasisolierte Schaltanlagen. Unter einem Schaltertank wird im Allgemeinen ein Gehäuse oder eine Kapselung verstanden, welche den Gasraum begrenzt. Das vorliegende Dokument schlägt eine Variante vor, mit welcher ein Schaltertank mit einem...
    IPCOM000219424D | 2012-Jun-28
  2. 22.
    A framework that fetches correct and relevant information from process/application generated core dump files during a system/application crash and is readily available for system administrators to take corrective action in short time.
    IPCOM000219423D | 2012-Jun-28
  3. 23.
    When displaying a presentation using a projector, the limited performance of the projector in rendering colours can result in the presentation not being displayed correctly. This can result in, for example, graphs being unreadable due to multiple lines appearing to be the same or similar colours when they should be...
    IPCOM000219422D | 2012-Jun-28
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    The sound processing software would be used by listening devices such as MP3s and PDAs. It would amplify sound for the hard of hearing who would rather not wear a hearing aid, and could use an external mono, or stereo microphone. The sound processor would provide a superior sound using preset equalizers with optional...
    IPCOM000219421D | 2012-Jun-28
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    “Temperature” is a key parameter during each semiconductor design level. This paper provides a system including models, methods and computer-readable codes for thermal simulation and analysis. In this method, the models are compact and mesh model combined, which can describe the blocks temperature profile and...
    IPCOM000219420D | 2012-Jun-28
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    Isolated communication is provided via a DC blocking capacitor followed by a buffer circuit. The DC blocking capacitor provides the required isolation, and the buffer successfully allows the signals to traverse long paths while maintain low impedance for better noise immunity
    IPCOM000219419D | 2012-Jun-28
  7. 27.
    Disclosed is method to identify relevant social network communities by relating not only network connections between users, but also their digital content (e.g., photos and videos).
    IPCOM000219418D | 2012-Jun-28
  8. 28.
    A system, method, and computer program product are provided for determining a network for a user. In use, a network-related event associated with a user is identified. Additionally, a score is calculated for the user, in response to the identification of the event. Further, a network is determined for the user,...
    IPCOM000219417D | 2012-Jun-28
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    The system will provide a convenient and real time way to show adjusted locale time to participant in IM group chat. The system also can recognize hot key and integrate locale properties to function service then present it with the different time zone. The system can be extended to retrieve customized local...
    IPCOM000219416D | 2012-Jun-28
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    This article describes a way to visualize method calling data in performance diagnosis process. This new way leverages the network diagram to visualize the method calling stack and uses the performance statistics to quantify the network attributes like weight of an edge. With the help of a network diagram, the user...
    IPCOM000219415D | 2012-Jun-28