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  1. 41.
    This invention describes a method for improving the display and use of scroll bars. Context-aware scroll bars provide the user with dynamically indexed information and facilitate locating pertinent data quickly.
    IPCOM000219404D | 2012-Jun-27
  2. 42.
    Herein is described a method for determining if a site in question actually issued an email.
    IPCOM000219403D | 2012-Jun-27
  3. 43.
    This invention discloses a method of compensating temperature sensitivity by connecting a diode and a resistor in parallel whereas those are serially connected in conventional methods.
    IPCOM000219402D | 2012-Jun-27
  4. 44.
    With the complexity in today’s card design, there are limited areas where vias can be placed on a board. Factors such as components, power shapes, router buses, signal integrity and mechanical keepouts all limit via placement. While most autorouter tools can place vias for transitioning layers and fanning out...
    IPCOM000219401D | 2012-Jun-27
  5. 45.
    A program is disclosed which talks about recommendation of video (partial or full) based on common video objects pattern. In this case Object means different human and nonhuman objects available in video frame. (Human, Car, Animal, Building, Tree, Mountain, River etc), Color of the objects can also be considered for...
    IPCOM000219400D | 2012-Jun-27
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a system and method that allow a user to discontinue their social media affiliation with a particular user across multiple social media applications from within one of the social networking applications with which they are affiliated. The core system is a management system that is distinct from any...
    IPCOM000219399D | 2012-Jun-27
  7. 47.
    A method and system for utilizing smart groups to find and select users in a distribution interface is disclosed.
    IPCOM000219398D | 2012-Jun-27
  8. 48.
    Disclosed is a method that allows either businesses or consumers to easily compare and contrast businesses and items through analysis of the text of reviews that users post for these items. The results of the comparison are displayed in a tag cloud or a grid of tag clouds.
    IPCOM000219397D | 2012-Jun-27
  9. 49.
    Disclosed is a method to introduce the concept of "Dead Man's Brake" to the world of social media. The system allows concerned third parties (e.g., parents, children of elderly, medical institutions, etc.) to be notified of changing patterns of online, computer inactivity of the first party.
    IPCOM000219396D | 2012-Jun-27
  10. 50.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically adjusting an alarm clock based on work-related factors and user preferences.
    IPCOM000219395D | 2012-Jun-27