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    Disclosed is a conference call system that allows multiple untrusted servers (users from different conference call systems or meeting scheduling systems) to work with each other while allowing the participants to user their own passcodes, and maintain the same level of security as if the participant is calling...
    IPCOM000220467D | 2012-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a conference call system where participants have their own passcode for all conference calls within a company (i.e., uses a homogeneous set of tools and suppliers) and have the conference server initiate calls to the individual participants.
    IPCOM000220466D | 2012-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method to synchronize a physical media item with a digital copy on a customer’s mobile device or in their media library at the time of purchase. When a customer purchases a physical media item in a brick and mortar store (or possible online store location), the digital download of the media is...
    IPCOM000220465D | 2012-Jul-31
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    L'invention concerne une extension de l'usage des docks multimédia existants "iPod-iPhone" pour tous types de smartphones au chargement inductif par exemple du type WPC ("Wireless Power Consortium") et au transfert de la musique sans fil. L'invention propose plusieurs solutions possibles qui s'articulent sur un...
    IPCOM000220464D | 2012-Jul-31
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    The new process allows a start for direct injection engines running on fuels E0 to E100, particularly at low temperature, quick and less hesitant, and avoids the use of an additional fuel tank or of an heating system for the engine compartment or the fuel. The new method consists in splitting the mass of fuel injected...
    IPCOM000220463D | 2012-Jul-31
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    The invention relates to Similar Conditions strategy from OBD diagnostic manager, in case of vehicle equipped with alternative engine (full or mild hybrid systems, dual fuel engine, bi-fuel engine, gasoline mixed mode …). On conventional gasoline engine, some diagnostics require similar conditions storage at fault...
    IPCOM000220462D | 2012-Jul-31
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    Tunnetussa tekniikassa poralaitteen ketju on pidettävä riittävällä kireydellä ettei pääse roikkumaan liikaa. Pitkä ketju on vaakaporauksessa aina keskeltä enemmän tai vähemmän alempana kuin ketjupyörän päässä painovoimasta johtuen. Vaakaporauksessa ketjun painosta johtuva roikkuminen vaikeuttaa...
    IPCOM000220461D | 2012-Jul-31
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    이 기술 공지는 피부온도 및 움직임 감지 장치, 통신 기술 등을 기반으로 개발된 유아 건강상태 모니터링 시스템에 대한 핵심 기술의 일부 내용과 더불어 개발 가능한 주변 기술 및 향후 마케팅 활용방안에 대한 아이디어 등에 대하여 서술한다. 유아에 대하여 지속적인 건강 상태 체크가 현실적으로 힘들다는 아이디어로부터 착안된 이 기술은 단순히 단일 온도만을 재는 여타 체온계와는 기술적 내용부터 다르며, 체온의 변화를 분석하여 비정상적인 체온을 감지해낸다는 기술적 요점을 포함한다.
    IPCOM000220460D | 2012-Jul-31
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    The proposed algorithm detects banner ads in sports videos so that they can be replaced with newer, more relevant ads.Following steps illustrate the algorithm: (1) Identify the boundary of the field.(2) Identify the bands where ads are located(3) Detect Ads. Let’s say we are watching a Pete Sampras tennis match that...
    IPCOM000220459D | 2012-Jul-31
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    IPCOM000220458D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Jul-31