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    Currently commercial high-speed packaging systems are used to encapsulate products in a ready-to-ship protective package.
    IPCOM000221159D | 2012-Aug-31
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    Smart Invitation & Environment for suppliers, customers, new employees.
    IPCOM000221158D | 2012-Aug-31
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    The article describes a lightweigth and innovative tele/video conferencing system that allows an improved user experence to increase communication efficacy among multiple participants.
    IPCOM000221157D | 2012-Aug-31
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    Green socket: an easy and cheap photovoltaic method avoiding rebuilding of the electricity network
    IPCOM000221156D | 2012-Aug-31
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    Methods to discovery installed software base on system startup script and user commands history.
    IPCOM000221155D | 2012-Aug-31
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    The present invention relates to doped ceria (CeO2) abrasive particles, having an essentially octahedral morphology. Such abrasives are used in water-based slurries for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of substrates such as silicon wafers. The invention more particularly concerns yttrium-doped ceria particles...
    IPCOM000221154D | 2012-Aug-31
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    The present publication relates to synergistic three and four way mixtures, comprising three, four or five components,
    IPCOM000221153D | 2012-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000221152D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Aug-31
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    A method and system for managing and scheduling unfinished multi-player online games based on availability of players is disclosed.
    IPCOM000221151D | 2012-Aug-30
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    Machine mechanical part design plays a very important role in manufacturing cost improvement such as to reduce machine down time as well as to maintain or improve the yield or throughput of the manufacturing process. The main factors for strips damage are caused by a high hitting impact force of the metal gripper...
    IPCOM000221150D | 2012-Aug-30