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    This invention relates generally to electronic test equipment and more particularly to an interface module for use with electronic test equipment.
    IPCOM000223068D | 2012-Oct-31
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    A medical device lead can include a multiple layer coiled cable conductor having a proximal end electrically coupled to a connector and a distal end electrically coupled to an electrode. The multiple layer coiled cable can include at least two coil layers each including one or more filars coaxially and closely wound....
    IPCOM000223067D | 2012-Oct-31
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    SoC’s usually have long chain modes for functional debug and for burn-in testing. In the platform long chain, simulations are very time consuming, so these modes are not verified with Verilog simulations. Typically, such simulation will take up to a month or more with large compute resources. Because long chain...
    IPCOM000223065D | 2012-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000223064D | 2012-Oct-31
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    Disclosed are a method and system that allow two devices to communicate 'securely' by having the transceiver (TCVR) vary its resistive load (RL) in an effort to alter the current flow of the coupled receiver (RCVR).
    IPCOM000223063D | 2012-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a method to utilize two General Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIOs) out of a microprocessor or Programmable Logic Device (PLD) to communicate with a bus that has 4-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and I2C components coupled to it.
    IPCOM000223062D | 2012-Oct-31
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    A solution is presented herein in which a web browser only allows pre-defined known-good cross web site data exchange actions in order to mitigate the data leakage risk caused by Cross Site Scripting issues.
    IPCOM000223061D | 2012-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000223060D | 2012-Oct-31
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    With a significant portion of the oil and gas industry currently exploring and exploiting unconventional reservoirs, certain processes and procedures that may have been at one time a reliable standard are now less adequate for evaluating the wide range of new reservoir challenges that have emerged in recent years. ...
    IPCOM000223059D | 2012-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is UEFI Safe Mode which allows users to boot up a crashed system by only loading necessary drivers and protocols at firmware level. Therefore, the crashed system is more likely to enter a specific stage for users to debug or update it. UEFI Safe Mode may be triggered by the following events: a number of...
    IPCOM000223058D | 2012-Oct-31