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  1. 101.
    Disclosed is a novel method for users of secure messaging software to communicate securely with another user that does not possess the specialized secure software.
    IPCOM000222833D | 2012-Oct-24
  2. 102.
    A Web based Cross deployment Single Sign On (SSO) providing SSO between a homegrown (legacy) SSO solution and a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) SSO solution, which is quick and secure is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222832D | 2012-Oct-24
  3. 103.
    A system, method, and program product for an inflation tracking tool process (ITTP) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222831D | 2012-Oct-24
  4. 104.
    A method and system for anonymizing payment transactions, that is, without providing the payment details to the vendor is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222830D | 2012-Oct-24
  5. 105.
    A method for software assisted Translation Look aside Buffer (TLB) lookups by keeping additional information in Segment Look aside buffer (SLB) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222829D | 2012-Oct-24
  6. 106.
    A method to protect email identity by implementing a rules-based email address filtering and delivery mechanism, processed within the delivery domain is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222828D | 2012-Oct-24
  7. 107.
    A method for mitigating denial of service attacks through use of cloud technology and risk measures is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222827D | 2012-Oct-24
  8. 108.
    A method and apparatus for programmable outlets and plugs is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222826D | 2012-Oct-24
  9. 109.
    This paper discusses the use of reputation technology to protect Virtual Machines (VMs) from side-channel attacks in the cloud. This technology ensures that a VM will never be surrounded by VMs of low repute thus reducing the chances of side-channel attacks in the cloud.
    IPCOM000222825D | 2012-Oct-24
  10. 110.
    When shopping for the best deal on products or groceries there are many factors that affect overall cost of the total shopping bill that are not factored into existing systems. The solution herein provides a system that takes account of a plurality of additional factors to identify the best deals and provide a...
    IPCOM000222824D | 2012-Oct-24