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  1. 111.
    Soft gel capsules contain a hygroscopic active. The hydrophilic component of the fill on stability and storage takes up moisture until equilibrium is reached; as a result the capsules become leaky. To overcome this problem Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D [KSS30D] added internally as a moisture barrier to the gelatin...
    IPCOM000222823D | 2012-Oct-24
  2. 112.
    Disclosed is a mechanism that tells marketers the best time to issue a post regarding their products and services, and provides recommendations at the time of the post for improving market reach and audience engagement.
    IPCOM000222822D | 2012-Oct-24
  3. 113.
    This disclosure relates to a means for attaching a cable conduit to a bracket. It provides means for further securing the cable conduit to the bracket by means of a locking strap and means formed on the bracket and the cable to facilitate the use of the strap.
    IPCOM000222821D | 2012-Oct-24
  4. 114.
    This disclosure relates to a cable end terminal assembly with easy assembly.
    IPCOM000222820D | 2012-Oct-24
  5. 115.
    This disclosure describes a solution for prolonging the lifetime of a battery comprising a number of different cells. The solution will enable the battery cells to be cooled more evenly and every cell will be kept within a suitable temperature interval. Thereby the lifetime of the battery is prolonged. Between each...
    IPCOM000222819D | 2012-Oct-24
  6. 116.
    IPCOM000222818D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-24
  7. 117.
    A healthcare screening method and process by an artificial intelligence engine and a human assistant using smart integration of medical devices and technologies is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222817D | 2012-Oct-24
  8. 118.
    A method for maintaining privacy while displaying holographic images is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222816D | 2012-Oct-24
  9. 119.
    A nested virtualization system with distinct guest and host TLBs is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222815D | 2012-Oct-23
  10. 120.
    Using the Global Positioning System as a way to add entries and search for prior entries in social media databases.
    IPCOM000222814D | 2012-Oct-23