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  1. 141.
    A method and system for sending an alert signal to all devices in a store from an I/O island is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222793D | 2012-Oct-23
  2. 142.
    A method and system for indicating new product locations to a shopper in a store is disclosed.
    IPCOM000222792D | 2012-Oct-23
  3. 143.
    Disclosed is an adaptive engagement model for retail gamification scenarios in which shoppers are rewarded in a deterministic manner. The challenges are based on past shopper behaviors, behaviors that lead to purchases, etc.
    IPCOM000222791D | 2012-Oct-23
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a method to increase store security when shoppers are using their mobile devices to self-scan items. The method uses augmented reality to overlay a paid/authorized icon over items in a shopping cart that have been purchased.
    IPCOM000222790D | 2012-Oct-23
  5. 145.
    A method and system for facilitating purchase of household items for a user is disclosed. The method and system facilitates the purchase of household items by providing details regarding the household items based on voluntary or mandatory diet restrictions.
    IPCOM000222789D | 2012-Oct-23
  6. 146.
    A method and system for improving revenue generation of showrooms based on online information is disclosed. The method and system creates shopping information of a user who buys or plans to buy an item online and thereafter utilizes the shopping information to improve revenue generation.
    IPCOM000222788D | 2012-Oct-23
  7. 147.
    A method and system for displaying personalized non-bar-coded items at a self-checkout screen is disclosed. The method and system displays a list of non-bar-coded items most frequently purchased by a user, wherein the list of non-bar-coded items is generated by associating a purchase card of the user with details...
    IPCOM000222787D | 2012-Oct-23
  8. 148.
    A method and system is disclosed for self-checkout of items which do not have bar codes. A self-checkout list is dynamically populated with items based on time a customer spends at location of a particular item. Global Positioning System (GPS) associated with a mobile device of the customer is used to determine...
    IPCOM000222786D | 2012-Oct-23
  9. 149.
    A method and system for selecting and ordering items from a display is disclosed. Verbal communication for selection of items is avoided.
    IPCOM000222785D | 2012-Oct-23
  10. 150.
    A method and system is disclosed for a protocol which reconciles a mobile shopper with merchandise they wish to purchase. The mobile shopper is flagged if found to be in possession of merchandise not purchased by them and vice versa as they traverse a store egress point.
    IPCOM000222784D | 2012-Oct-23