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  1. 151.
    A method is disclosed for reading data outside square perimeter of a Quick Response (QR) code. The method includes embedding alternate reading information inside the square perimeter of the QR code. The alternate reading information includes metadata about data which is outside the square perimeter of the QR...
    IPCOM000222783D | 2012-Oct-23
  2. 152.
    A method is disclosed for presenting notifications on a browser tab by placing an icon on the browser tab.
    IPCOM000222782D | 2012-Oct-23
  3. 153.
    A method and system is disclosed for determining whether a customer entered a store by viewing publicly displayed advertisements of the store. The method includes installing cameras on the publicly displayed advertisements such as billboards and capturing images of potential customers who viewed the publicly...
    IPCOM000222781D | 2012-Oct-23
  4. 154.
    A thin display system based on Pockels effect is provided. The thin display system provides a clear panel for displaying graphics from within.
    IPCOM000222780D | 2012-Oct-23
  5. 155.
    Disclosed is a system for managing a large number of applications on a smart phone. The appManager utilizes an abstract layer of objects as the basis of its approach to find information across different operating systems and build the necessary indexes. It allows a user to quickly and easily locate and open a...
    IPCOM000222779D | 2012-Oct-23
  6. 156.
    An optical projection system comprising an image generating laser projector, a diffusive structure and an observer is described. The system is designed such that the light of each image pixel maintains a non-disturbed wavefront through-out the optical system preventing the creation of speckles on the image sensor of...
    IPCOM000222778D | 2012-Oct-23
  7. 157.
    The present concept relates to an electrical contact terminal comprising a crimp portion for mounting a cable or wire onto the terminal. Thereby, it is the core idea to provide this crimp portion with at least two dedicated and different crimp areas, one of which is designed to provide a satisfying electrical...
    IPCOM000222777D | 2012-Oct-23
  8. 158.
    Traditional SVC consists of thyristor controlled reactor (TCR) and fix capacitor banks (FC). Although the advantage of using SVC is well known, it is still not applied widely at medium voltage (MV) level due to relatively high cost, in particular compared with mechanical switched capacity bank (MSC). This invention...
    IPCOM000222776D | 2012-Oct-23
  9. 159.
    IPCOM000222775D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-23
  10. 160.
    Disclosed is an architecture that extends cloud platform services to business partners in a secure, extensible manner while ensuring there is no performance impact to customers. Business partners interface through the Platform API Abstraction Layer (PAAL).
    IPCOM000222774D | 2012-Oct-22