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  1. 161.
    A method and system for estimating duration of online sessions on a retail website is disclosed. The method and system dynamically estimates the duration of online sessions for a user based on the user’s shopping pattern and frequency of visiting the retail website.
    IPCOM000222773D | 2012-Oct-22
  2. 162.
    Disclosed is a design for a plug-in pattern that allows the code that needs to be encapsulated to be tested independent of the broker and refreshed for a new version deployment. The idea behind the pattern is to implement a command-driven shell that loads a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) at runtime and calls an entry...
    IPCOM000222772D | 2012-Oct-22
  3. 163.
    A method and system is disclosed for devising an autonomic Workload Management (WLM) algorithm for message routing that adjusts the WLM routing pattern based on a plurality of environmental determinants.
    IPCOM000222771D | 2012-Oct-22
  4. 164.
    A method and system is disclosed for development of modeling tools to assist in the interpretation of complex data structures which are utilized in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).
    IPCOM000222770D | 2012-Oct-22
  5. 165.
    Disclosed is an encryption mechanism for consumer-market phones that does not involve specialized encryption chips. The system identifies and encrypts only the sensitive data transmitted, thereby eliminating the need to encrypt all the information and involve a complex encryption hardware. The core idea is to store...
    IPCOM000222769D | 2012-Oct-22
  6. 166.
    Die Erfindung betrifft eine elektrische Heizeinheit (20) für eine Heizvorrichtung (40) für ein Fahrzeug, mit einer Heizschicht (10) und einem Wärmeleitkörper (22), wobei die Heiz-schicht (10) mindestens einen Heizwiderstand (14) aufweist und der Wärme- leitkörper (22) eine Wärmeaufnahmefläche (32) zur Aufnahme von...
    IPCOM000222768D | 2012-Oct-22
  7. 167.
    The article describes hierarchical software signatures catalog in level based software scans for Software Asset Management tools.
    IPCOM000222767D | 2012-Oct-22
  8. 168.
    No abstract available.
    IPCOM000222766D | 2012-Oct-22
  9. 169.
    In this article it is universal method of mapping XML data for RDBMS is described. The method does not introduce any restriction regarding XML data format (no schema required) and is easy to implement using widely used programming languages.
    IPCOM000222765D | 2012-Oct-22
  10. 170.
    IPCOM000222764D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-22