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    IPCOM000223057D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-31
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a security method for mobile devices that enables the user to create a pattern on a touch screen with restricted access to a set of functions or specific applications in order to control third-party access and protect sensitive data. The method is applicable to authentication at the operating system (OS)...
    IPCOM000223056D | 2012-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a design for a vibrational sideband Path in a rack server environment. This allows servers in a rack to communicate with one another without requiring a network path or having a sideband interface off-network that would allow flow of information between system management entities.
    IPCOM000223055D | 2012-Oct-30
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    Disclosed are a system and method for automating the process of performing security compliance functions to ITCS300 standards. The system is comprised of three software components for gathering data, analyzing data, and storing results and producing reports. The procedure for implementation is outlined in this...
    IPCOM000223054D | 2012-Oct-30
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    A method and system for transferring Key Process Event (KPE) data from a source application to multiple target applications is disclosed. The method and system transfers the KPE data in near real-time to interested target applications.
    IPCOM000223053D | 2012-Oct-30
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    Disclosed are a system and method for pedestrians to cross streets using a turntable device or pod system to shuttle them. The system provides rapid, predictable, and safe transit across a given street. This approach reduces compromise to the traffic pattern due to slower-moving pedestrians, increases safety, and...
    IPCOM000223052D | 2012-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a method applied to presentation development that allows a user to uniquely identify content in a presentation and automatically or manually propagate changes to that content across a defined set of presentations.
    IPCOM000223051D | 2012-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a system to increase the level of security as well as usability when using an automated authentication process. The system incorporates the three factors of user knowledge, user possession, and user state into one authentication step.
    IPCOM000223050D | 2012-Oct-30
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    L’invention se rapporte à la satisfaction des exigences de sécurité fonctionnelle dans les architectures matérielles, plus particulièrement, mais pas exclusivement, dans le domaine de l’automobile. Elle se rapporte à l’analyse de sécurité qualitative et quantitative de système en matière d’architectures matérielles,...
    IPCOM000223049D | 2012-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000223048D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-30