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    The embodiment include making an interactive human interpretation test through stated gesture system helps overriding the difficulties of human readability and also for overruling the automated character recognitions, by mining the captcha data with which automated systems can deprive the web/server systems ...
    IPCOM000222905D | 2012-Oct-29
  2. 42.
    Proposed is a method to read sensor readings from different FRUs reliably at a given instant. In this method, the service processor indicates to each of the sensors to capture the reading and store it in a special register at a trigger. The service processor then reads the register sequentially, thereby ensuring...
    IPCOM000222904D | 2012-Oct-29
  3. 43.
    Proposed is a method where home node selection for a workload is done by taking into consideration the memory characteristics (read/write speeds) required by the workload in addition to memory affinity. Appropriate nodes or sockets are chosen to schedule the workload by comparing the characteristics of the memory...
    IPCOM000222903D | 2012-Oct-29
  4. 44.
    Thisfocus is on capturing and updating the complete discussion (including audio-visuals) that arises in a presentation session, and a mechanism to update the original presentation source with the discussion notes, which include 1) Notes written on white-board (visual) 2) Ideas discussed (audio) 3) Noise-reduction...
    IPCOM000222902D | 2012-Oct-29
  5. 45.
    In a value-conscious environment, Management, IT Heads, Managers all are leading information-centric projects to transform the business and deliver cost savings. Data integration, warehousing and master data management (MDM) projects enable effective cross-promotions by providing greater insight about clients and...
    IPCOM000222901D | 2012-Oct-29
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a mechanism for opening or closing the lids (screens) of laptops and notebooks on start or shutdown respectively. These devices have a power on button which when pushed powers on the system. When the system powers on, the lid of the system would open automatically for user operation. When the system...
    IPCOM000222900D | 2012-Oct-29
  7. 47.
    This article discloses a UI affordance, which enable business users to judge results (i.e. measure) achieved by different dimension/category members to figure out delta/differences on-the-fly accurately. It facilitates highly user-friendly and intuitive way of variation analysis that support better business...
    IPCOM000222899D | 2012-Oct-29
  8. 48.
    Disclosed here is a method to specify security policy for a virtual appliance and using the same for provisioning. Details on how to specify security policy for a virtual appliance and how the same is used during deployment in a cloud environment is discussed here.
    IPCOM000222898D | 2012-Oct-29
  9. 49.
    This article discusses how IPSec can be managed in an enterprise/cloud environment using LDAP in a simplified manner. IPSec policies can be controlled for the whole enterprise from a centralised server and deployed with ease.
    IPCOM000222897D | 2012-Oct-29
  10. 50.
    Cash on Delivery mode of payment due to delivery refusal is a loss making process for online vendors. Here, a system and method is proposed which not only mitigates such losses but also ensures better utilization of vendor resources leading to better customer satisfaction. While placing a COD order vendor...
    IPCOM000222896D | 2012-Oct-29