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    Proposed is a method to improve the channel selection process in marketing world by proposing new algorithm, which usage the recent results of the channel usage and its attributes.
    IPCOM000222895D | 2012-Oct-29
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    Enabling logging on a production system always poses a risk in terms of performance and usually will result in lots of data to be analyzed. Most of the time, the log data of relevance will always be a very small subset of the overall log that is generated. In thread based software systems (For example Java J2EE)...
    IPCOM000222894D | 2012-Oct-29
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    System and method of having Cluster based locking mechanism in relational databases
    IPCOM000222893D | 2012-Oct-29
  4. 54.
    In traffic and transportation area, supply-side refers to the providers of transportation services. It is common for many stakeholders to be interested in knowing how well different parts of the city are served by existing providers. For example, transportation providers, equipped with this information, can gain...
    IPCOM000222892D | 2012-Oct-29
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    We propose the use of natural context extraction by analyzing the content, header and response sequence of the email in order to determine if the email requires attention and response from the recipient. This gives the advantage that the recipient action and response to emails can be based on their priority and...
    IPCOM000222891D | 2012-Oct-29
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    We are interested in knowing how a city compares to another contemporary city or to itself but sometime in its past or future. Benchmarking problem is the problem of comparing cities. The comparison can be for any reason including whether changes made in one city is applicable in another or how to make changes in...
    IPCOM000222890D | 2012-Oct-29
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    Energy efficient high throughput CDR Mediation System on InfoSphere Streams for Large Telecom Service Providers.
    IPCOM000222889D | 2012-Oct-29
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    Generic Events are those that are supported by the Operating System for the End user to perform his work in an Event based fashion. This article is about making such Generic Events available across all Operating Systems, thus paving way for standardization across Operating Systems.
    IPCOM000222888D | 2012-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000222887D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000222886D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Oct-28