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    The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a tub diaphragm used in steam turbines that comprises of two large assemblies connected by an intermediate spool piece through fasteners. Web used in such fabrication process is machined from a large size forging. The assembly has a close fit at the web steam...
    IPCOM000224579D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention relates to the utilization of solar energy to increase the power output and efficiency of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant. The solar energy is trapped or stored using a solar concentrator to preheat water and syngas. This helps in the production of more amount of LP steam in a...
    IPCOM000224578D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This publication relates to systems and processes for heat integration and condensate treatment in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant. The problem addressed in this publication is wastage of 6.7 MW of heat, which is available in the acid gas removal (AGR) solvent stripper overhead condenser. A...
    IPCOM000224577D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention relates to systems and processes for heat integration and condensate treatment in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant. In AGR system of IGCC, the amount of heat available in flash gas cooler is around 11 MMBTU/hr (3.5 MW-hr), which is currently lost to cooling water. A modified system is...
    IPCOM000224576D | 2012-Dec-31
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    The present invention relates generally to wind turbine design and construction, and more particularly to design and construction of low maintenance stationary to mobile components lube transfer systems for wind turbine gearboxes. Specifically, the present invention arranges technology of piston rings and method of...
    IPCOM000224575D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention relates to organic Rankine cycles that are useful for extracting work from energy streams whose temperature is too low to generate steam. Typically, the heating source may be a low temperature post-combustion exhaust stream containing sulfur in the form of SOx, that could result in the condensation of...
    IPCOM000224574D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention proposes a hydrogen sulphide absorber bypass for solvent system used in gas purification as part of integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and polygen plants. The AGR process with carbon capture consists of two absorption steps, one for H2S and the other for CO2. For a typical solvent system, the...
    IPCOM000224573D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention relates to integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants including compressed air storage system. IGCC plants cannot operate efficiently in turn down mode due to its complex operational nature. This invention introduces a unique approach to store compressed air during off-peak operation for...
    IPCOM000224572D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention proposes an improved geometric configuration of impellers in heavy duty gas turbines. In the proposed configuration alternative impellers are extended until the gun hole inlet radius thereby reducing entry loss of flow into gun holes inlet by reducing free vortexing before the gun hole inlet. The flow...
    IPCOM000224571D | 2012-Dec-31
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    This invention relates to gas turbine units which use heavy liquid fuel for combustion. Currently in gas turbines, an external heating source is used to heat the heavy liquid fuel and heat generated in compartments of gas turbines is vented to the atmosphere as waste heat. This invention discloses a new method to heat...
    IPCOM000224570D | 2012-Dec-31