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    A method and system for retaining confidentiality of diagnostic code or sense data is disclosed. The method and system discloses relevant information to a user regarding the error in the diagnostic code while preserving confidential aspects of the diagnostic code.
    IPCOM000225227D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Disclosed is a method to prevent a box down situation due to repeated host access requests to a failed component. This invention prevents a resource from becoming fenced by sending a message to the host that a problem exists and needs intervention. The method introduces new descriptive metadata and a new module that...
    IPCOM000225226D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Disclosed is an electronic food delivery application for mobile devices that enables customers to order food and have it delivered from vendors or restaurants to any location.
    IPCOM000225225D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Disclosed is a technique involving the use of a unique contrast dye to detect defects using X-Ray.
    IPCOM000225224D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Using laparoscopic articulating medical devices can be challenging. Due to the small field of view provided by the endoscope during laparoscopic surgery, it is difficult to visualize the shaft angle of an articulating device. This becomes particularly difficult for the surgeon when the need arises to remove the...
    IPCOM000225223D | 2013-Jan-31
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    A system and method for the manufacture of a wind turbine blade is described, wherein the system may include a post-moulding station for receiving at least a section of a wind turbine blade shell. A post-moulding operation may be performed on the shell section received in the station, to provide for a faster and more...
    IPCOM000225222D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Disclosed is a method to efficiently and dynamically manage workload patterns in a large-scale environment, such as the Cloud, by automatically and intelligently identifying dynamic resource partitions, defining workload patterns, and dynamically mapping the latter to the former. The invention consists of a...
    IPCOM000225221D | 2013-Jan-31
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    Physical token interaction with computing devices is a coming new user interaction method. Detection of the physical objects by the digital devices is the primary challenge, and in this particular case we want to detect tokens placed onto the surface of a flat touchscreen device such as a table computer. Herein we...
    IPCOM000225220D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Jan-31
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    Method for agentless remote execution of Java applications that allows them to be executed remotely in the same way that they would be locally
    IPCOM000225219D | 2013-Jan-31
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    User working with windowed system is often interested in dynamically managing priority of individual tasks of multiple applications accros the opertaing system. It would be valuable to provide such a possibility in a user friendly way
    IPCOM000225218D | 2013-Jan-31