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  1. 141.
    If an email is sent to multiple recipients. requiring them to respond on particular questions, recipients easily overlook their parts and ignore the email. People solve this by highlighting the content with different name, but it is hard for recipients to locate their part since the email content are identical to...
    IPCOM000225087D | 2013-Jan-24
  2. 142.
    Miniaturized test points can be placed in a “keep-out” zone of the hybrid circuit board because this space is not used by hybrid circuit components, but is often reserved as a safe boundary for cutting the hybrid from the test coupon. Making the miniaturized test points a fraction of the size of the standard coupon...
    IPCOM000225086D | 2013-Jan-23
  3. 143.
    A shock reducing bumper designed to retain a trailing edge of a test coupon can significantly reduce the strike force imposed on the hybrid circuit during automated testing and prevent the shingling effect of coupons riding up on each other. Forces that might otherwise lead to failure of solder joints or hybrid...
    IPCOM000225085D | 2013-Jan-23
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a method to enable a smartphone or mobile device with a vibrate pattern that aligns with a ringtone associated with a stored contact.
    IPCOM000225084D | 2013-Jan-23
  5. 145.
    A method is disclosed for enabling a system to automatically resume processing of one or more actions after system failover.
    IPCOM000225083D | 2013-Jan-23
  6. 146.
    Disclosed are a system and method for predictive group-based public advertising. The core idea of the invention is to predict where a user is going to be by gathering information from various devices such as global positioning systems, phones, ticket sales, etc. and to then target advertisements in that area...
    IPCOM000225082D | 2013-Jan-23
  7. 147.
    A method for converting a text based on demographic information of a target user is disclosed. The disclosed method utilizes one or more demographic rules and one or more dictionaries for converting the text based on the demographic information of the target user.
    IPCOM000225081D | 2013-Jan-23
  8. 148.
    Disclosed are a system and method to automate setup of rolling upgrade in the presence of schema changes. When performing a rolling upgrade, a live system is maintained while a parallel system is upgraded and prepared. The data that accumulates in the live system (source) during this process is then transformed and...
    IPCOM000225080D | 2013-Jan-23
  9. 149.
    Disclosed is a well-defined procedure document that allows a service line to provide better quality support to clients by standardizing the documents that are used to guide support staff on how to work the account.
    IPCOM000225079D | 2013-Jan-23
  10. 150.
    A method and system for project management is disclosed. The method and system enables efficient monitoring and management of any implementation or process project.
    IPCOM000225078D | 2013-Jan-23