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    IPCOM000225070D | 2013-Jan-23
  2. 142.
    IPCOM000225069D | 2013-Jan-23
  3. 143.
    IPCOM000225068D | 2013-Jan-23
  4. 144.
    IPCOM000225067D | 2013-Jan-23
  5. 145.
    Enables seismic-to-simulation software to be the pre and post processing platform for a client’s proprietary case/scenario analyzer (e.g. simulator). This enables clients who need to use such a proprietary analyzer or simulator to buy off-the-shelf seismic-to-simulation software rather than building their own...
    IPCOM000225066D | 2013-Jan-23
  6. 146.
    An integrated multi-crop planter and seeder can be used both for planting stalk based crops like sugarcane, cassava etc, as well as for seed or grain based crops like soya, peanuts, sunflower etc. Rollers or drums having a series of fluted cavities in the form of a U – shaped grooves at specific locations along the...
    IPCOM000225065D | 2013-Jan-23
  7. 147.
    This invention presents a workflow and an implementation to use textural analysis, including fractal dimension, lacunarity and their derived images as seismic attributes to improve identification of features on 3D volumes of data as for example during the interpretation of seismic 3D volumes or on 2D sections of data...
    IPCOM000225064D | 2013-Jan-23
  8. 148.
    Quick training of a classification engine by a guided, task driven process.
    IPCOM000225063D | 2013-Jan-23
  9. 149.
    We propose extending revision control tools with an ability to capture implementation-level semantic require dependencies between change sets and keeping track of propagated and removed change sets in forks. This will allow software developers to efficiently maintain forks. More specifically: (1) Discover which...
    IPCOM000225062D | 2013-Jan-23
  10. 150.
    Simplify a user authentication process on a mobile device while maintaining high security levels by utilizing information from commonly available HW sensors, such as geo location, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity state, accelerometers, gyroscope and camera output.
    IPCOM000225061D | 2013-Jan-23