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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a method for dynamically transferring data between server and client. When the server gets request for large data from the client, the server will firstly prepare the data and then calculate the possible response time for data transferring based on the network bandwidth factors, if the time needed to...
    IPCOM000225050D | 2013-Jan-23
  2. 162.
    This invention provides an effective communication solution between the vehicles, which uses wireless technology to implement the car horn message exchange without noise pollution. In this system, besides the wireless communication module and audio display module just mentioned, there are also GPS module and control...
    IPCOM000225049D | 2013-Jan-23
  3. 163.
    Two strain sensors are attached on a drive enclosure sandwiching a part of the drive enclosure from both sides. A summation of the responses of the strain sensors is utilized to detect the stress wave, avoiding detection of bending vibration.
    IPCOM000225048D | 2013-Jan-23
  4. 164.
    Disclosed is a method of using ambient sound to link users to each other, or users to devices.
    IPCOM000225047D | 2013-Jan-22
  5. 165.
    Disclosed is a novel and non-obvious method to triangulate and display failures in a large, heterogeneous system by having systems request one or more peers to execute commands or traces and return information for comparison.
    IPCOM000225046D | 2013-Jan-22
  6. 166.
    This invention provides a friction controlled release mechanism for tubing plugs. The mechanism consists of a piston-sub held in place by a set of shear pins to plug the tubing. When unplugging is desired, an applied release pressure shears the pins to transfer the piston load to a set of slotted and spring-loaded...
    IPCOM000225045D | 2013-Jan-22
  7. 167.
    Completion strings can be temporarily sealed using a pump-out plug in order to stop production or to safely carry out operations above the plugged area. To resume production, pressure is applied from the surface down the tubing, and above a pre-determined pressure, the plug is expended to the bottom of the well. The...
    IPCOM000225044D | 2013-Jan-22
  8. 168.
    IPCOM000225043D | 2013-Jan-22
  9. 169.
    Disclosed is an improved method for establishing trust between computing entities. The primary unique piece of this invention is the additional verification that not only is the credential trusted by a known authority, but also that trust is valid in this particular situation (i.e., context). The disclosed...
    IPCOM000225042D | 2013-Jan-22
  10. 170.
    Disclosed is a planar layout/architecture to enable dual, side viewable diagnostic panels for a double dense blade server. This is achieved by mounting right angle light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the planar such that the LEDs align vertically in the assembled state.
    IPCOM000225041D | 2013-Jan-22