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    Future cochlear implants with implantable batteries will be able to work in two modes: either as a conventional cochlear implant using an external microphone and headpiece coil, or as an "invisible hearing" system with an implantable microphone and limited or no external components. In order to charge the implantable...
    IPCOM000225726D | 2013-Feb-28
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    Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung zum Erkennen von Karies, Plaque oder bakteriellem Befall an einem Zahn. Die Vorrichtung weist ein zahnmedizinisches Handstück (13) auf und Mittel zur Bildaufnahme (5) eines vor einem Sichtfenster des Handstücks (13) angeordneten Objekts, beispielsweise in Form einer Videokamera...
    IPCOM000225725D | 2013-Feb-28
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    A cup holder with a top surface elevated with respect to a top surface of the console assembly and a rib to prevent items, such as credit cards, coins, business cards, etc., from falling between the cup holder and the top surface of the console assembly.
    IPCOM000225724D | 2013-Feb-28
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    It is typically time consuming and difficult for people to organize manually large numbers of photographs for sharing with friends and family. In light of the popularity of cameras on smartphones, more and more photographs (¬タワphotos¬タン) are being geotagged, which presents an opportunity to use geolocation to...
    IPCOM000225723D | 2013-Feb-28
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    Thermal tracers have previously been shown to add information to a distributed temperature sensing (DTS) survey (Gerard et al. 2007). In this paper we look at the concept of using multiple tracers simultaneously in the wellbore. A multi-tracer shut-in monitoring program and analysis techniques are described using an...
    IPCOM000225722D | 2013-Feb-28
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    It is provided a stop on a vehicle frame, which limits the pivoting movement of an axle body. Said stop is a connected to the frame via a spring or similar to avoid undue stress. Such stop can be used at construction machines, agricultural machines, forestry machines, etc.
    IPCOM000225721D | 2013-Feb-28
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    The following solution concerns redirecting administrative tasks from primary to secondary database(s) in a high availability replication environment.
    IPCOM000225720D | 2013-Feb-28
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    To use Message Passing Interface (MPI) processes, the MPI launcher mechanisms (mpiexec or similar) should be used. This is sometimes difficult, because some other launching mechanism may be used in the present environment. Additionally, mpiexec requires a hardware description, which may be hard to obtain in some...
    IPCOM000225719D | 2013-Feb-28
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    Electrical connections are used to fix electrical harnesses to electrical connectors on the electrical panels. Most of the time, these electrical assembly should be installed on the backside of the electrical panels with a specific orientation angle to prevent harnesses from stress. Today, two operators are required...
    IPCOM000225718D | 2013-Feb-28
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    The process consists of taking a thick sheet (plate) made of light alloy, such as aluminium alloys employed in aeronautics, to shape it at an optimal temperature, to machine it, heat the part obtained at the temperature of setting in solution of alloy, and to cool down at the part
    IPCOM000225717D | 2013-Feb-28