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    Disclosed is a method for taking a three-dimensional (3D) Backside silicon surface Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) chip physical design and converting that surface into a two-dimensional (2D) equivalent framework. This is done by merging the Backside VLSI chip design with respective optical, wafer alignment, and...
    IPCOM000226322D | 2013-Mar-27
  2. 52.
    A method is disclosed for aligning 3D design cells on opposite wafer surfaces using through silicon technology such as Infrared (IR) lithography.
    IPCOM000226321D | 2013-Mar-27
  3. 53.
    Disclosed is a method to create uniform extension on a FinFet 3D structure.
    IPCOM000226320D | 2013-Mar-27
  4. 54.
    Disclosed is a method to lower PC to CA capacitance by use of buried local interconnects.
    IPCOM000226319D | 2013-Mar-27
  5. 55.
    Disclosed is a two-part solution for device performance estimation, simulation calibration, and mismatch characterization using experimental two-dimensional carrier profiling within the Technical Computer Assisted Design (TCAD) process.
    IPCOM000226318D | 2013-Mar-27
  6. 56.
    Disclosed is an approach for direct parasitics mapping that allows accurate parasitic (RC) modeling without an additional hierarchy. The approach includes a method of parasitic stitching with hierarchical statistical timing and noise analysis.
    IPCOM000226317D | 2013-Mar-27
  7. 57.
    IPCOM000226315D | 2013-Mar-27
  8. 58.
    This disclosure discloses a method and system enables the automatic input language switching dispensing user's manual effort. Such a language switching engine works in the cases like using different languages when communicating with people from different nations, when using different softwares and applications, and...
    IPCOM000226314D | 2013-Mar-27
  9. 59.
    This invention provides methods and system for building a more usable and secure authentication service among various applications with no need of fixed password maintenance on both user and support sides, wherein private key is bound to user's mobile device and public key is uploaded to key server, user only needs to...
    IPCOM000226313D | 2013-Mar-27
  10. 60.
    In this invention disclosure, it provids a method to allow the participants can do some operations based on the screen shared to him in a web conference without impacting others. These operations include but not limited to: 1) going back to or moving forward to other pages in a presentation, 2) scrolling up/down a...
    IPCOM000226312D | 2013-Mar-27