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    A method and system is disclosed for providing support to one or more drivers during heavy traffic situations. The method and system provides support to the one or more drivers by playing soothing music.
    IPCOM000227011D | 2013-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000227010D | 2013-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000227009D | 2013-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000227008D | 2013-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000227007D | 2013-Apr-30
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    Presented herein are techniques that enable adding preferred language settings to address book entries, and having email and texting clients automatically switch to the addressee’s preferred language for purposes of spell checking, grammar checking, and/or word completion.
    IPCOM000227006D | 2013-Apr-30
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    Disclosed is a concept to allow a web browser to support multiple Home Pages depending on internet connection speed (network bandwidth) availability and current timestamp for the day. With such support enabled, every time a new browser window OR a new tab with in a browser is launched OR the 'Home' button on the...
    IPCOM000227005D | 2013-Apr-30
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    An exemplary embodiment of the invention relates to a computer-based method and software program for identifying and illuminating the participants on a conference call to enhance the collaborative experience. The method includes the participants dialing into a conference call and accessing a web conference site and...
    IPCOM000227004D | 2013-Apr-30
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    The invention relates to a thermoelectric module to regulate the temperature of a hybrid vehicle battery pack during driving to facilitate charging. The thermoelectric module can use energy recovered from a regenerative braking system. To obtain optimum charging results, the battery pack should be within an optimum...
    IPCOM000227003D | 2013-Apr-30
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    A transmission control software with accelerator pedal based up-shift inhibit is capable of monitoring and sensing the accelerator pedal position and preventing a transmission up-shift from occurring. To accelerate a vehicle, a driver will press down on the accelerator pedal. In some cases, acceleration will be...
    IPCOM000227002D | 2013-Apr-30