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    IPCOM000227876D | Original Publication Date: 2013-May-24
  2. 112.
    IPCOM000227875D | 2013-May-23
  3. 113.
    The present disclosure provides a process for the preparation and purification of cilastatin. The purification of cilastatin comprises the use of reverse osmosis and/or diafiltration techniques.
    IPCOM000227874D | 2013-May-23
  4. 114.
    A case neutral battery where one feedthrough is oriented with the ferrule external and one internal to the battery. The difference in orientation can help orient the battery with respect to polarity, which is more important when there is symmetry in the battery with respect to the feedthrough locations. Interference...
    IPCOM000227872D | 2013-May-23
  5. 115.
    Method for calculating driven distance
    IPCOM000227871D | 2013-May-23
  6. 116.
    This invention consists of two main parts: 1) dense packaged solar fields with lower total land use 2) dense packaged hybrid solar fields for enhanced operation strategies. Dense packaged solar fields allow for higher solar multiple of single receiver (e.g. CSP linear Fresnel) or combined hybrid solar fields...
    IPCOM000227870D | 2013-May-23
  7. 117.
    The present invention proposes a cradle drive system comprising a cradle drive mechanism and a cradle universal joint. The present invention is an add-on for a current table. The invention allows minimal changes to the current table by maintaining table height, clinical side of foot print size while providing...
    IPCOM000227869D | 2013-May-23
  8. 118.
    Significant human resources may be needed to analyse results of regression tests. We propose classification of the test results based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm, in order to reduce the required efforts - especially to reduce time and resources spent on analysing false positive results.
    IPCOM000227868D | 2013-May-23
  9. 119.
    Article focuses on Massive Parallel Processing data warehouses adaptive load mechanism, which can deal with corrupted data, wrong date format etc. saving time of loading operation to minimum.
    IPCOM000227867D | 2013-May-23
  10. 120.
    Following article describes one of methods of data compression for optimizing the query execution time/space usage in Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) data warehouses.
    IPCOM000227866D | 2013-May-23