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  1. 131.
    Vor dem Verzinnen von abisolierten Kabelenden wir auf diese Fluxmittel aufgebracht, indem das Kabelende in einen Sprühnebel bewegt wird.
    IPCOM000227853D | 2013-May-22
  2. 132.
    System for selecting an audio channel on a portable device corresponding to a video channel on a publically viewable screen
    IPCOM000227852D | 2013-May-22
  3. 133.
    Method of optimizing a Publisher using knowledge of whether there are any Subscribers
    IPCOM000227851D | 2013-May-22
  4. 134.
    Possibility to lighten up cosmetic formulations colored by e.g. bioflavonoids or hydrolysable tannins like e.g. Emblica™ containing Emblicanin A and Emblicanin B with RonaFlair® Boroneige®.
    IPCOM000227850D | 2013-May-22
  5. 135.
    IPCOM000227849D | Original Publication Date: 2013-May-22
  6. 136.
    It is common practice in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits to perform tests on the circuits to determine their electrical characteristics. Such tests are typically performed by a test instrument such as a network analyzer or spectrum analyzer, for instance. During a typical test, the test instrument...
    IPCOM000227848D | 2013-May-21
  7. 137.
    A secure microcontroller usually has a variety of JTAG modes with different attributes for supporting a variety of security applications. To offer the highest level of security, blocking JTAG access to restrict any debug is a common practice. However, blocking debug also blocks read access, which restricts any code...
    IPCOM000227845D | 2013-May-21
  8. 138.
    Leads implanted in or about the heart have been used to reverse certain life threatening arrhythmia, or to stimulate contraction of the heart. Electrical energy is applied to the heart via electrodes on the leads to return the heart to normal rhythm. A header on an implantable device is used to couple a conductor of...
    IPCOM000227844D | 2013-May-21
  9. 139.
    An optimized novel vaned diffuser arrangement is proposed to prevent overheating of working fluid for maximum waste heat recovery from exhaust gas in the organic Rankine cycle boiler. In the proposed diffuser design, the exhaust gas flows into the diffuser from the circular entrance on the left and exits the diffuser...
    IPCOM000227843D | 2013-May-21
  10. 140.
    This publication concerns trust decision-making in multi-agent systems and models thereof. We introduce a fee-for-service trusted escrow agent. Rather than prepay a server directly, client would negotiate terms with a server, including a penalty for product or service that does not meet the requisite quality. This...
    IPCOM000227842D | 2013-May-21