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  1. 141.
    Simplified rail with an easy fixing solution
    IPCOM000227841D | 2013-May-21
  2. 142.
    IPCOM000227840D | 2013-May-21
  3. 143.
    A Mobile web browser is provided a new option to load user selected images which when selected the web page is displayed with image name, the user has choice to view any image by clicking on the image region, hence enhancing the speed and mobile performance.
    IPCOM000227839D | 2013-May-21
  4. 144.
    This article discloses the functionality of a ceiling fan with integrated and retractable pull-down light assembly fixture, which delivers to an user of a ceiling fan and light fixture combination, the added advantage of an option to pull down or push up, at will, the light attached to the ceiling fan, depending...
    IPCOM000227838D | 2013-May-21
  5. 145.
    Characterisation of driving behavior is important for preventing road accidents and traffic management, especially in chaotic situations in developing countries. This invention describes the system and methods for characterising personalised, multifaceted driving behaviors using community based learning...
    IPCOM000227837D | 2013-May-21
  6. 146.
    Disclosed herewith is an analytical system for navigation with respect to various laws and regulations for vehicles thus preventing legal action. Vehicles are very essential part of the modern day life. May it be market, school, office or even a small picnic we need vehicles for commutation. As vehicles have...
    IPCOM000227836D | 2013-May-21
  7. 147.
    Disclosed is an automated mechanism for linking a comment to multiple locations for a file under review but still maintaining the uniqueness and integrity of each comment.
    IPCOM000227835D | 2013-May-21
  8. 148.
    This article describes a technique of SMS based monetary pooling from multiple contributors and transfering the money to a single recipient. In addition, the technique describes several features for pool tracking and pool management.
    IPCOM000227834D | 2013-May-21
  9. 149.
    Predicting parameters of service tickets at the time of ticket arrival has significant importance in the software services industry. We propose a system, method and apparatus for categorization of service tickets using topic analysis based on parameters such as resolution time.
    IPCOM000227833D | 2013-May-21
  10. 150.
    In IT services industry, organizations perform change management (execute changes) in a business critical IT environment time to time to keep customer environment secure, available and to meet growing business demands as per the contractual obligation. High level or subtle nature of many of the changes on the...
    IPCOM000227832D | 2013-May-21