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  1. 151.
    Clutches are used on vehicles for transferring the motion from a driving member to a driven member by means of frictional engagement. Currently dry clutches are most widely used on off-highway machines like tractors. The frictional elements on a dry clutch are subjected to heavy thermal loads that lead to high wear...
    IPCOM000227831D | 2013-May-21
  2. 152.
    Some bearings are equipped with an anti-rotation Tang, which goes into the slot present in the bearing housing. There is usually a large clearance between the slot and the Tang. In a vibratory environment, this situation could lead to unwanted clattering and banging of Tang with Slot, which can potentially damage tang...
    IPCOM000227830D | 2013-May-21
  3. 153.
    This solution proposes a new approach to completing a software performance measurement. This approach sets CPU load rather than a pre-specified number of simulated users to complete the measurement, therefore eliminating the trial and error process of getting to a specific CPU load during the measurement. Through...
    IPCOM000227829D | 2013-May-20
  4. 154.
    Presented herein are techniques that enable collecting and ranking of questions in advance of a meeting. Before a meeting starts, invitees are able to submit questions, view a list of submitted questions, and indicate interest in questions submitted by others. The list can be ordered based on the amount of interest...
    IPCOM000227828D | 2013-May-20
  5. 155.
    Presented herein are techniques that reduce the risk of mobile device users participating in a meeting while driving. If a mobile device user attempts to join a meeting while driving, the user and/or other meeting participants can be notified. For example, the user can be reminded to exercise caution, and other...
    IPCOM000227827D | 2013-May-20
  6. 156.
    Disclosed is a novel idea for a floating scrollbar. A floating scroll bar can be repositioned with respect to the display area of the application with which the user is working. The user can conveniently locate the scroll bar with respect to the particular areas of the displayed document where work is being done.
    IPCOM000227826D | 2013-May-20
  7. 157.
    Solder bumps are provided on round wafers through the use of injection molded solder with the straight movement of the tool head. Solder leak at wafer edge during molten solder injection is solved by covering the wafer edge by lamination of the 2nd dry film which a hole at the center. The size of hole in the 2nd dry...
    IPCOM000227825D | 2013-May-20
  8. 158.
    A method and system for enhancing the text reading experience of a user is disclosed. The method and system tracks the gaze of the user. When the user’s gaze approaches a certain portion of text the method and system augments the user’s reading experience by providing additional immersive content to the user.
    IPCOM000227824D | 2013-May-20
  9. 159.
    A method and system for checking feasibility of proposed calendar entries based on location information. The method and system utilizes location information in typical calendar entries to provide feedback about the feasibility of proposed calendar entries.
    IPCOM000227823D | 2013-May-20
  10. 160.
    This system and method provides an authorization mechanism among the three participants, i.e.the requester, visitor, and service staff. The techinical method and point are based on the popular mobile device that with two-dimensional code application. And in the smart building management side, it facilates the...
    IPCOM000227822D | 2013-May-20