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    Disclosed is a method and system for enabling a recipient of an email message to selectively filter-out images associated with the email message. The method and system allows the recipient to select one or more images from the email messages, received from a sender, that the recipient does not want to receive in...
    IPCOM000227974D | 2013-May-30
  2. 22.
    Disclosed is a method to categorize posts from a plurality of social networking sites.
    IPCOM000227973D | 2013-May-30
  3. 23.
    A method and system for automated and consolidated request management is disclosed. The disclosed method and system manages and prioritizes end users’ outstanding requests that are sent out to individuals in both personal and professional context.
    IPCOM000227972D | 2013-May-30
  4. 24.
    A method and system is disclosed for scheduling meetings based on user specified rules and criteria’s such as "Schedule a meeting with my group of people sometime before Thursday 12:00". The method and systems also allows for inclusion of social networks in event of idea/brain storming.
    IPCOM000227971D | 2013-May-30
  5. 25.
    Disclosed is a method for accessing layers on a device by targeting a screen location and layer depth on a touch screen display.
    IPCOM000227970D | 2013-May-30
  6. 26.
    A method and system for augmenting a phone options menu on a mobile phone with one or more phone numbers upon actuation of a physical button on the mobile phone. The method and system disclosed thereby reduces the difficulty in making a call by eliminating the need for several button presses.
    IPCOM000227969D | 2013-May-30
  7. 27.
    A method and system for transferring social comments between different mediums is disclosed. The method and system tracks comments posted by a user on a picture or photograph on one medium and thereafter alerts the user if the picture or photograph is about to appear on another medium.
    IPCOM000227968D | 2013-May-30
  8. 28.
    Disclosed is an electronic book reader with the additional novel function of including a display that offers a set of emoticons from which the user can make a selection while reading, and a user interface (UI) for capturing the user’s responses. The invention includes a network interface for forming a communication...
    IPCOM000227967D | 2013-May-30
  9. 29.
    Disclosed is a method to implement a RECURRENCE-ID mapping component between a first and a second system (i.e., System1, System2) in order to store instance-mapping data, which maps and modifies incoming and outgoing RECURRENCE-ID data such that it matches to the correct instance on the second system. The invention...
    IPCOM000227966D | 2013-May-30
  10. 30.
    Infusion pump displays must be regularly tested to prevent partial failure from causing display data to be misread, which could result in a medication error. The standard method to test if the display is working correctly is to display a pattern or series of patterns at power up to allow the user to confirm...
    IPCOM000227965D | 2013-May-30