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  1. 41.
    System and method for providing a value proposition for the migration of a physical to a virtual system
    IPCOM000227953D | 2013-May-30
  2. 42.
    In beta"-alumina powder production for solid electrolyte batteries, use of sodium carbonate as a sodium precursor results in poor bag life during isostatic pressing. It is proposed here to replace the current soda source, sodium carbonate with hydrated and/or anhydrous sodium cyanate, sodium oxalate, sodium formate,...
    IPCOM000227952D | 2013-May-30
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a compiler optimization that eliminates a necessary bounds check during a checkCast and instanceOf, as well as any other test that requires indexing into the superclass array. This leads to path length reduction across a broad spectrum of Java applications that leads to throughput performance...
    IPCOM000227951D | 2013-May-30
  4. 44.
    Loop versioning to reduce GC write barrier overhead
    IPCOM000227950D | 2013-May-30
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is the technique of Postmortem Verification, which solves the problem of hard to debug issues as a side effect, by allowing these issues to be identified post-runtime. Postmortem Verification is run when an application has terminated with a core dump or when core dumps are generated in order to check for...
    IPCOM000227949D | 2013-May-30
  6. 46.
    A chemical alert system for generating an alarm is de-scribed including a portable electronic device, prefera-bly with telecommunication capabilities to allow for data and/or voice communication via private or public net-works, and at least one chemical sensor (12,21) integrat-ed with the housing (10) of the portable...
    IPCOM000227948D | 2013-May-30
  7. 47.
    A portable electronic device and a related methods are described using an air duct (11) with an opening (107) to the exterior of the housing and a chemi-cal sensor (12,21) linked to a chemical sensor processing unit (211,23,25)and being sensitive to the concentration of a component in a sample of air with the duct...
    IPCOM000227947D | 2013-May-30
  8. 48.
    A portable electronic device (1) is equipped with a sensor that is sensitive to a plurality of chemical analytes. For identifying a fluid sample, the sensor is operated to obtain a measured variable. The measured variable is compared to reference variables in a database (3). Subject to a result of the comparison,...
    IPCOM000227946D | 2013-May-30
  9. 49.
    In a method for calibrating a portable first electronic device (1) comprising a first chemical sensor, a determination is carried out whether the first electronic device is located near a second electronic device comprising a second chemical sensor. If this is the case and if optionally other criteria are fulfilled,...
    IPCOM000227945D | 2013-May-30
  10. 50.
    Disclosed is a system for explicitly showing overlap region between target geometries on the superimposed map screen. This is realized as one of map layers to help finding out the overlap region between two or more geometries for a system user. To easily looking down at overlap region of target geometries, the system...
    IPCOM000227941D | 2013-May-30