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  1. 61.
    A method and system for sharing application tabs through collaboration is disclosed.
    IPCOM000227930D | 2013-May-29
  2. 62.
    Method and system to improve performance of monitoring rules based on a single attribute confidence level
    IPCOM000227929D | 2013-May-29
  3. 63.
    Disclosed is an algorithm for compressing a binary data by analysing and using untypical representation of special logical formulas.
    IPCOM000227928D | 2013-May-29
  4. 64.
    Disclosed is a system to expedite the development phase for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by establishing a universal Control Area Network (CAN) Database Container (DBC) approach. The core idea of this invention is to have synergy for Electronic Stability Programs (ESP), Environmental Control...
    IPCOM000227927D | 2013-May-29
  5. 65.
    The slowest part in every Data Warehouse based on MPP architecture is disk drive. Thus many DB warehouse vendors provide number of ways in order to minimize IO processing which directly influence on the performance. One of the well known solutions is Matarialized View containing 'cached' results of the query/table....
    IPCOM000227926D | 2013-May-29
  6. 66.
    This invention covers an application during which agricultural runoff water is treated by electrocoagulation to remove phosphorous, so that the water can be used to make a stable fracturing fluid. Phosphorous can delay or prevent crosslinking of polymers in zirconate fluids by binding to the zirconium crosslinker....
    IPCOM000227925D | 2013-May-29
  7. 67.
    The proposed system, while rating, aims to present to the rater, a history of ratings and also let the rater choose a rating of his/her choice thereby creating a rating system that is not bound and is self-sustaining. Thus, the rating system is sufficiently independent of impulsive ratings, is sufficiently objective...
    IPCOM000227924D | 2013-May-29
  8. 68.
    The proposed solution allows for automatically translating (and thus mapping) so called vanity URLs across different languages and thus relieving administrators from manually defining single vanity URLs in different languages.
    IPCOM000227923D | 2013-May-29
  9. 69.
    There exist different ways for a person to announce their arrival at a particular physical venue. For example, checkin, a greeting person who takes your details as you enter, etc. We propose a new, unique method that does not require any complex steps or human resources. We propose a "smart mat" placed at...
    IPCOM000227922D | 2013-May-29
  10. 70.
    Many of the security vulnerabilities detected by analysis tool are deployment specific. For example, a vulnerability may arise only given a specific type and version of backend databse or a particular web framework. For deployment-specific findings, current analysis tools simply report a vulnerability to the user....
    IPCOM000227921D | 2013-May-29