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Month of May 2013 - Page Number 9

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  1. 81.
    In order to allow application programs access to a gas sensor, a versatile mechanism is provided that allows to provide a flexible sensor control through a simple, fixed API. The mechanism is designed to let the application program query the possible operating modes of the gas sensor. The operating modes e.g. specify...
    IPCOM000227910D | 2013-May-29
  2. 82.
    A sensing device has a semiconductor substrate (1) with an opening (12) and a membrane (13) spanning the opening (12). A heater (5) is arranged on the membrane (13). To reduce the thermal conductivity of the membrane (13), a recess (17) is etched into the membrane (13) from below.
    IPCOM000227909D | 2013-May-29
  3. 83.
    A gas sensor comprises a metal oxide sensing patch (2), a heater (5) for heating the sensing patch (2), electrodes (3) for measuring the conductivity of the sensing patch (2) and an evaluation unit (20) for generating a resulting parameter indicative of at least one analyte. Further, a temperature sensor (9) is...
    IPCOM000227908D | 2013-May-29
  4. 84.
    In a method for manufacturing a chemical sensor with multiple sensor cells, a substrate is provided and an expansion inhibitor is applied to the substrate for preventing a sensitive material to be applied to an area on the substrate for building a sensitive film of a sensor cell to expand from said area. The sensitive...
    IPCOM000227907D | 2013-May-29
  5. 85.
    A portable electronic device comprises a housing and a chemical sensor arranged inside the housing which chemical sensor is adapted to measure a property of at least one analyte. The device further comprises an opening in the housing for exposing the chemical sensor to the fluid to be analyzed.
    IPCOM000227906D | 2013-May-29
  6. 86.
    In a method for operating a portable elec-tronic device a recharge process for recharging a re-chargeable energy storage of the portable electronic de-vice (7) is detected. A heater (17) is activated for heating a sensitive layer (16) of a chemical sensor (1) contained in the portable electronic device (7) subject to...
    IPCOM000227905D | 2013-May-29
  7. 87.
    Cochlear implant electrodes are often shaped to fit the cochlear. To achieve good shape retention, the silicone is moulded to achieve the required shape, that of the cochlear. To hold the required shape, the silicone must overcome the straightening forces of the electrode wires and electrode contacts. The more...
    IPCOM000227904D | 2013-May-28
  8. 88.
    A stereo Bluetooth headset includes two Bluetooth chipsets that work together and combine to form one single 4H4S multipoint Bluetooth stereo device. One Bluetooth RF chip is located at ear to avoid RF cross-interference. The Bluetooth chipsets share audio resources, LEDs and buttons. This provides a Bluetooth stereo...
    IPCOM000227903D | 2013-May-28
  9. 89.
    Disclosed is a device that generates a Quick Response (QR) barcode that can be scanned to get a hardware component’s current configuration. Inversely, a scanner can be used to read a user-generated QR Barcode with information that configures the system.
    IPCOM000227902D | 2013-May-28
  10. 90.
    Disclosed is a method to improve system performance by exploiting processor cache. In a multiprocessor operating environment, the method changes the Virtual Machine (VM) operating system (OS) dispatcher's heuristic for filling dispatch vectors to account for processor topology. The method also changes the VM OS...
    IPCOM000227901D | 2013-May-28