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    Disclosed is a system for managing context around a composition activity in order to ensure security of intellectual property and authenticity of content. This management of context takes place across horizontal applications whilst one is composing a document or electronic message or performing a similar task. If...
    IPCOM000228697D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a Book Social Service System that is used with electronic books. The system allows book sections to dynamically change to include expanded information on the subject or edit the section back to help the reader efficiently consume the content.
    IPCOM000228696D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to analyze and facilitate the use of social recommendation data for decision-making.
    IPCOM000228695D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to produce a Quick Response (QR) code on a printed receipt, which is encoded with Wi-Fi configuration information for the specific customer. This concept is a method to include the embedded Uniform Resource Locator (URL) information, which contains the access token and the posting of it to the...
    IPCOM000228694D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a system to assist social networking users with managing a large number of posts with a high volume of content. The system implements several techniques, including the analysis of posts visualization of results, to effectively manage the user's attention while browsing long posts from social networking...
    IPCOM000228693D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to integrate email messaging platforms and team collaboration or social networking platforms. Those collaboration platforms may be public or private.
    IPCOM000228692D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is an automated solution to recursively test past builds for the initial point of defect/failure. The novel contribution is a method to utilize popular virtualization concepts, such as cloud and virtual images, to pinpoint the exact problem. This approach facilitates an accurate, precise, and targeted fix...
    IPCOM000228691D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to provide the end user working with an activity stream an effective way to manage the information in the stream.
    IPCOM000228690D | 2013-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a tool applied to e-commerce that associates a user’s personal calendar with the search criteria that the user enters on a website, and then produces a prioritized results list based on the user’s anticipated needs (e.g., holiday gift, birthday gift, etc.).
    IPCOM000228689D | 2013-Jun-30
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    A method and system for dynamically scoring and ranking emails by order of importance based on Machine learning predictive models is disclosed.
    IPCOM000228688D | 2013-Jun-30