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    Implanted drug infusion pumps used for administering drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid associated with the brain and spinal cord tend to be referred to as intrathecal drug pumps or, more generally, therapeutic delivery devices or systems. These intrathecal pumps can be used to treat a number of indications...
    IPCOM000229489D | 2013-Jul-31
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    The program is disclosed which talks about, an automated analysis method, which identifies one or more key concepts of files and accordingly displays the information along with the files in different folder. User can easily visualize the files just by looking at the action information.
    IPCOM000229488D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Data usage refers to the amount of data uploaded or downloaded by a device during a given period. Depending on the device and wireless plan, additional fees may be charged when data usage exceeds a plan's limit. Data plans are required for smart phone devices, which are becoming must haves with mobile devices these...
    IPCOM000229487D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Digital shopping has remained largely unchanged in recent years, even with the increased popularity of mobile, cloud, and social technologies. Advertisements that are presented to customers are usually either entirely irrelevant or are not appropriate at the given time. We propose a method to integrate location aware...
    IPCOM000229486D | 2013-Jul-31
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    A scheme is described that enables signals to be inserted at arbitrary points in an instruction stream without modifying the instruction stream. These signals can be used to cause various events to occur, including causing performance measurements and adjusting system parameters.
    IPCOM000229485D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a tool used to perform a slide rail test with a server unit in a computer frame. The tool applies a constant force in the desired location and holds that force for the required duration of the test.
    IPCOM000229484D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method to optimize packaging for server systems. The invention is a new frame structure that supports the integration of both traditional and nontraditional sized server packaging assemblies using both traditional and nontraditional mounted and retention means.
    IPCOM000229483D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a means for embedding snow melting capability in a vehicle.
    IPCOM000229482D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Technical support organizations are constantly dealing with customer problems that involve customer security certificates. Many times it is extremely hard to diagnose these customer problems unless access is granted to the certificates. This article describes an invention whereby a software mechanism is used by a...
    IPCOM000229481D | 2013-Jul-31
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    Quad Flat Package (QFP) and Quad Flat No Lead (QFN) packages have been widely used in semiconductor industry due to its various benefits and are known as a cost effective solution for IC packaging. However, since die size is constantly changing due to product application requirements, the challenge is selecting a...
    IPCOM000229480D | 2013-Jul-31