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    A method and system is disclosed for leveraging a defined template engine to create, templatize and share passes such as, but not limited to, coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, generic cards and other forms of mobile payment. The method and system enables organizations to use one or more templates...
    IPCOM000230676D | 2013-Aug-31
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    URL (Uniform Resource Locator) decorator that exhibits previously traveled path of links
    IPCOM000230675D | 2013-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a system applied to an electronic invitation system that provides the capability to allow one invitee to accept or reject an invitation for an event on behalf of others.
    IPCOM000230674D | 2013-Aug-31
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    High availablity assignment of resources to servlets based on weight
    IPCOM000230673D | 2013-Aug-31
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    The present invention provides a technique that provides a design of electrical interconnect with controlled resistance to inject heat into a sodium battery. Heat is injected when current passes through the sodium battery. The technique allows injecting heat into the sodium battery during normal operation to...
    IPCOM000230672D | 2013-Aug-30
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    The present invention provides a combination of materials used for wire design to sustain high temperature in a battery system. The wire design includes three layers of electrical insulation applied outside the conducting wire. The three insulation layer around the conducting wire includes a mica tape insulator, a...
    IPCOM000230671D | 2013-Aug-30
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    Piezo-Resistive Transducers are widely used in pressure sensors. Apart from sensitivity to changing pressure, they exhibit an undesirable dependence on temperature as well. Various temperature compensation techniques are in practice that can be categorized into modulation of excitation voltage or excitation current of...
    IPCOM000230669D | 2013-Aug-30
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    This paper introduces a smart system loading monitor and a programmable threshold , by comparing the system loading with the pre-set threshold, the voltage supply and/or the operation frequency can be adjust automatically to reduce dynamic power consumption.
    IPCOM000230668D | 2013-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a novel type of keyboard for touch screen user interfaces that is independent from the user’s hand (i.e., finger and thumb) placement, and does not require any knowledge of key location. The system measures a user’s thumb movement from pivot points of contact and the direction of the movement...
    IPCOM000230667D | 2013-Aug-30
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    A method and system is disclosed for normalizing display of information to a user by identifying inconsistencies in portions of the information. The method and system compares different portions of the information and identifies dissimilarities in attributes of the portions such as but not limited to, font size,...
    IPCOM000230666D | 2013-Aug-30