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Month of August 2013 - Page Number 4

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  1. 31.
    Disclosed is a method for customizing virtual machines at clone time as opposed to post-cloning. The solution applies to customization of any product related configuration artifacts.
    IPCOM000230641D | 2013-Aug-28
  2. 32.
    Visually locating a target can be difficult when the field of vision is cluttered or obstructed, or the object is camouflaged. GPS coordinates and RFID signals provide an accurate mechanism for locating an object in three-dimensional space. A method is disclosed for modifying the image on the visual display of an...
    IPCOM000230640D | 2013-Aug-28
  3. 33.
    This article describes a wizard to automate additional security configurations in a proxy to auto protect the backend server.
    IPCOM000230639D | 2013-Aug-28
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a method to automatically manage redundant failure signatures in a large hardware simulation environment. The method optimizes the space requirements, and ultimate processing costs, for redundant failures.
    IPCOM000230638D | 2013-Aug-28
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a process to grow high quality SiGe epi-layer graded buffer layers (virtual substrates) using high temperature growth with Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (RTCVD).
    IPCOM000230637D | 2013-Aug-28
  6. 36.
    This article has proposed an idea on detecting approaching emergency vehicles using GPS information to avoid unnecessary traffic chaos and accidents. This idea is to make the location and route of the ambulance available to the other highway users so that they can make a decision on their manoeuvring. The...
    IPCOM000230636D | 2013-Aug-28
  7. 37.
    This article proposes an idea on using sound detection to detect approaching emergency vehicles for advices to other road users. Emergency vehicles sirens are pre-programmed sounds with distinguishing frequencies. When the sensors of the vehicles determines the sound waves of an approaching emergency siren, then a...
    IPCOM000230635D | 2013-Aug-28
  8. 38.
    Dust on DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera sensors can cause problems, by blocking photosites. As such, solutions to this problem have been sought. A solution proposed in this article is to use an airfoil, connected to the underside of the mirror, to channel a thin film of air onto the sensor. By scooping...
    IPCOM000230634D | 2013-Aug-28
  9. 39.
    An identified problem is the uneven distribution of passengers along railway platforms, usually resulting in overcrowding in certain areas of a platform (such as near the exit/entrance). The proposed solution provides real-time carriage occupancy data of an arriving train to the next station. This is then...
    IPCOM000230633D | 2013-Aug-28
  10. 40.
    Method of optimizing the performance of disk storage in MapReduce clusters by dividing physical disks into fast and slow regions and placing data replicas accordingly to achieve a preferred replica that can be accessed faster than other replicas.
    IPCOM000230632D | 2013-Aug-28