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  1. 61.
    Disclosed is a new method and system that allow better use of the available disks in a storage GRID, both small and large, as long as the disks have the same form size. This novel approach allows a storage array to use disks of different sizes. The idea is to change the current goal of keeping the same size for all...
    IPCOM000230611D | 2013-Aug-26
  2. 62.
    The present invention provides a technique for eliminating low pressure trip oil system in gas turbine engine. The technique includes trip solenoid valves installed inside main hardware, such as, inside inlet guide vane (IGV), gas valves and liquid fuel valves. The low pressure trip oil system is replaced with...
    IPCOM000230610D | 2013-Aug-26
  3. 63.
    The present invention provides a technique of quench protection for superconducting magnets. The technique includes passive electrical circuits. For example, the technique either uses internally oscillation circuits to generate the AC losses in magnet or use external gradient driver to generate the AC losses. In case...
    IPCOM000230609D | 2013-Aug-26
  4. 64.
    To achieve Category 3 safety circuit architecture for a moving overhead crane which carries loads over a machine with Safe Operator Access Zones, redundant position sensing of the crane boom is required. Currently, it is common practice to use a single laser position sensor as a primary measurement system and use...
    IPCOM000230607D | 2013-Aug-26
  5. 65.
    Both water-and-oil base reservoir drilling fluids use particles with carefully controlled particle size distribution for bridging pores in the formation rock to produce an external filter cake and minimize the invasion of drilling fluid and solids into permeable formation. Conventional bridging solids are usually...
    IPCOM000230409D | 2013-Aug-26
  6. 66.
    A visual identification system is provided consisting of one or more cameras, possibly an x-y table, lighting, and a control computer which can image a circuit board, store the images, compare and contrast images, automatically locate and identify chips on the board, and create a unique identification of the board....
    IPCOM000230366D | 2013-Aug-26
  7. 67.
    Disclosed is an email server system wherein the server builds a graph based on the e-mails, increasing filtering and security capabilities.
    IPCOM000230170D | 2013-Aug-26
  8. 68.
    1. ABSTRACT The technical solution can be used to increase the comfort for the passenger. It is foreseen to improve a passenger seat, especially an aircraft seat, to provide more individual comfort. A seat row with three seats can be modified when the middle seat is not used. The seat bottom cushion from the middle...
    IPCOM000230169D | 2013-Aug-26
  9. 69.
    IPCOM000230168D | 2013-Aug-26
  10. 70.
    Disclosed is a face-to-back communication technology using proximal out-of-band messaging using "signals", such as lights, sounds, or vibrations that convey information through a pre-arranged pattern. This method allows a person to send a quick signal to another person, when typical communication channels are...
    IPCOM000230165D | 2013-Aug-23