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  1. 101.
    A system and method for time zone aware mobile voice mail with manual override to avoid anti-social hours calls when travelling is disclosed.
    IPCOM000231054D | 2013-Sep-25
  2. 102.
    A method for event delivery using event object hierarchies in an event broker system is disclosed.
    IPCOM000231053D | 2013-Sep-25
  3. 103.
    This idea proposes a configuration and working procedure of using a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) with front camera for document/image scanning. Key ideas include using the mobile device display as a light source for illumination and using the front camera as a scanning sensor. The illumination effects can be...
    IPCOM000231052D | 2013-Sep-24
  4. 104.
    This idea proposes a system to enable media and finishing requirements to be met before a print job is released for print in the context of jobs where Job Definition Format (JDF) drives a Portable Document Format/Variable Transactional (PDF/VT) document. The PDF/VT file is initially scanned/pre-flighted for media and...
    IPCOM000231051D | 2013-Sep-24
  5. 105.
    Printers can accommodate multiple types of print media, each with multiple attributes. The printer usually requires that the loaded print media be programmed into the machine by a User Interface (UI). This is a time consuming process that can be improved with a smarter workflow. This idea proposes that the printer...
    IPCOM000231050D | 2013-Sep-24
  6. 106.
    Accurate data is required by insurance companies and police departments to assess causes and to assign responsibilities when traffic accidents occur. Current methods rely on eye witnesses or on the people involved in the accident. These methods are very subjective and prone to error. This idea proposes a service...
    IPCOM000231049D | 2013-Sep-24
  7. 107.
    Following article focuses on solution for effective analytical query scheduling in data warehouses, where every query uses several resources (like RAM, CPU, disc space etc) on different level. The proposed solution tries to leverage history of queries execution to minimize query execution time, maximize average...
    IPCOM000231048D | 2013-Sep-24
  8. 108.
    Disclosed is a system for capturing and rewarding referrals in a crowdfunding system, as well as novel user experience components facilitating these functions.
    IPCOM000231047D | 2013-Sep-24
  9. 109.
    The invention proposes a technique to add material with solid-state metallurgical bond. Additive material provides superior control over mechanical properties and microstructure as opposed to conventional liquid-phase techniques or cold-spay. The technique is utilized to construct components of X-ray and computed...
    IPCOM000231046D | 2013-Sep-24
  10. 110.
    IPCOM000231045D | 2013-Sep-24