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  1. 111.
    Based on the usage patterns of the user devices the common/frequent set of devices being used by a user are identified. Identify the location information of each devices when the user is using it, using any technology (like n/w based, GPS, hybrid etc). Then identify the patterns and their relative distance and...
    IPCOM000231044D | 2013-Sep-24
  2. 112.
    IPCOM000231043D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Sep-24
  3. 113.
    The invention proposes a technique to utilize waste energy to drive an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) flow for an internal combustion engine. The proposed invention includes an EGR pressure intensifier. The EGR pressure intensifier includes two divided exhaust manifold at two ends. Motion of a piston within the EGR...
    IPCOM000231042D | 2013-Sep-23
  4. 114.
    This disclosure discloses DSP input sample chain for complex multiplication
    IPCOM000231041D | 2013-Sep-23
  5. 115.
    This disclosure discloses 10/100/1000/10000 Mbps Ethernet Solution Using Transceiver’s Dynamic Reconfiguration
    IPCOM000231040D | 2013-Sep-23
  6. 116.
    Submarines have stringent noise requirements in order to remain undetected in the sea. If submarines emit acoustic signals under the sea then the submarines can be easily detected by acoustic sensors such as a Sonobuoy. At present, the Navy utilizes the "standard Navy mount", SNM, to isolate vibration/noise from being...
    IPCOM000231039D | 2013-Sep-23
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000231038D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Sep-23
  8. 118.
    A method and system for applying a Social Business Proximity Ranking Factor (SBPRF) for sorting recent social business updates of an enterprise is disclosed. The method and system first creates a SBPRF database based on one or more of, but not limited to, trusted and critical business relationships, user inputs,...
    IPCOM000231037D | 2013-Sep-22
  9. 119.
    Disclosed is a system to assist a user with generating maximum interest for a post to an information-sharing platform by passing ownership of the post to an expert with a higher level of credibility on a particular platform.
    IPCOM000231036D | 2013-Sep-22
  10. 120.
    A method and system is disclosed for processing data based on proximity interactions and disposing unread prior communication messages. The method and system recognizes the data exchanged during a proximity interaction and correlates the information associated with the interaction with various communication channels.
    IPCOM000231035D | 2013-Sep-22