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  1. 131.
    Disclosed is a lightweight user interface (UI) design that provides in-context options for mobile applications by applying expandable disclosure control buttons through which the user can access additional functions or features.
    IPCOM000231024D | 2013-Sep-22
  2. 132.
    In a web conference, the screen received by the participant may be not the same as that the presenter is showing. To ensure every one are on the same page, the presenter need to check with the participants time and time again. In this invention disclosure, a novel method is proposed to solve this problem. With...
    IPCOM000231023D | 2013-Sep-22
  3. 133.
    In traditional spreadsheet, it usually provides the function to format multiple cells as a whole. Yet if a user only want to format part of it, like use a different color to highlight the first paragraph at the cells of a column, which is a very common way for project managers who track many things happened in the...
    IPCOM000231022D | 2013-Sep-22
  4. 134.
    This invention proposes the method and apparatus for Cloud-based Application Scenario Context-Aware Input Methods (IME) Auto-Configuration. The status of IME word recommendation engine is dynamically adjusted by cloud-based cofiguration recommendation. The configuration is generated based on application scenario...
    IPCOM000231021D | 2013-Sep-22
  5. 135.
    Translation verification tests takes much time for testers to look for the UI(User Interface) controls, reproduce the steps and repeat steps to verify translation change. The disclosed system is intended to help reduce the total time of translation verification test by mapping the automation scripts and...
    IPCOM000231020D | 2013-Sep-22
  6. 136.
    In this paper we propose a method of speeding up the process of taking a picture or recording a video when we use an application on our digital devices. This method takes advantage of various kinds of sensors on these devices and detects a sequence of actions which are specified to taking pictures and recording...
    IPCOM000231019D | 2013-Sep-22
  7. 137.
    In hardware verification environment, repeated regression is required when design is updated. Regression usually will take a large mount of time to simulate each test case, So it is very necessary to reduce regression time in verification flow. We give a integrated method to improve the efficiency of regression...
    IPCOM000231018D | 2013-Sep-22
  8. 138.
    The disclosure discloses a real-time power balance method based on DC power flow to solve the problem of power unblance. In the method, first, It defines the scale of the grid and determine the specific level of the node. Second, as for each node in the network, it scales the adjustable load limitation based on...
    IPCOM000231017D | 2013-Sep-22
  9. 139.
    With the development in recent years that the Instant Message software has become very important in our life. Compare to traditional meeting, it is more convenient, saving time and money. In work and in life, more and more people communicate by IM. But when one user is talking to multi people, such as more than 10...
    IPCOM000231016D | 2013-Sep-22
  10. 140.
    Our invention is to provide a method of environmental cognitive device vibration control. At the very beginning, the device vibration parameters including the frequency or amplitude are set to a default value. While vibrating, microphone is enabled to capture the environmental feedback noise. First, the cognitive...
    IPCOM000231015D | 2013-Sep-22