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  1. 11.
    A method and system is disclosed for evaluating ranking/popularity of a post based on various parameters. The parameters include social media activities resulted from the post and consistency of social media activities resulted from the post. Based on the consistency of the social media activities, the system...
    IPCOM000231453D | 2013-Sep-30
  2. 12.
    The system disclosed solves the problem of manually updating a meeting description or title to accommodate the state of the meeting. This system keeps meeting attendees up to date with the state of the meeting, in terms of aspects of the meeting which can change: whether key participants will attend; their...
    IPCOM000231452D | 2013-Sep-30
  3. 13.
    Abstract Todays applied design principle of vehicle doors in e.g. aircraft leads to the problem that the cover plate, which is applied to the upper door surrounding, has the problem that it is damaged by fatigue caused by flutter of the cover plate. Different technologies are presented which shall prevent the cover...
    IPCOM000231150D | 2013-Sep-30
  4. 14.
    Abstract The main goal of this invention is the idea to install the door-closed sensor within the door instead of having it in the interface region of the doorframe. Hereby a mechanical connection link will be used within the doorframe whereas the sensor (and if needed a dedicated target on the signal stick) and the...
    IPCOM000231149D | 2013-Sep-30
  5. 15.
    There is currently a gap in field of Source Code Management Systems (SCMS) around ensuring the protection of the so called "diamond" source code while still ensuring developers can still work in their environments of choice. This system addresses the short comings of the existing systems, by allowing a high level...
    IPCOM000231148D | 2013-Sep-30
  6. 16.
    A Web Service that aggregates Social Network information associated with the software intended for distribution and then calculates a rating for the software artifact that reflects the trustworthiness of it. A high or low rating is dependant on factors like; if anyone in a prospective users Social Network has...
    IPCOM000231147D | 2013-Sep-30
  7. 17.
    A method and system is disclosed for minimizing physical queuing of taxis in a holding area at an airport by using a communication mechanism between the airport and taxi drivers. The communication mechanism signals virtually waiting taxis outside the airport to return to the airport and occupy a physical queue...
    IPCOM000231146D | 2013-Sep-30
  8. 18.
    We propose automatic analysis of a bug detected by automated testing using archived results of all previous testing runs and integration with the bug reporting system.
    IPCOM000231145D | 2013-Sep-30
  9. 19.
    Scheduling in supply chains and in manufacturing systems is often a rolling process, where a new scheduling is initiated while the current schedule is being executed. The generation of a new schedule (rescheduling) should take into account the past and current execution (work-in-progress) in order to make the new...
    IPCOM000231144D | 2013-Sep-30
  10. 20.
    IPCOM000231143D | 2013-Sep-30