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  1. 61.
    Disclosed is a method to deter reverse engineering of circuits on semiconductor chips.
    IPCOM000231099D | 2013-Sep-26
  2. 62.
    • Technology adder with potentially no change (embodiment I, free HBT) or minimal changes in process flow (embodiment II). Device takes advantage of BI contact (n+ epi region) to open area for NPN device growth. The base of said device is composed of the SiGe-B material of the standard SOI device...
    IPCOM000231098D | 2013-Sep-26
  3. 63.
    In this disclosure, a structure and method is demonstrated to self align the Via to both the metal above and metal below, therefore, the Via shorting to metal below is fully avoided. In one of the embodiments, V1 aligns to both M2 and M1. V1 portion that is outside of M1 will be raised by the Cap layer. The V1 to...
    IPCOM000231097D | 2013-Sep-26
  4. 64.
    Current challenge W contacts are damaged during M1 dielectric patterning Potential Concerns - Metal fill quality and - Interconnect reliability, eg. EM Solution - Formation of selective liner at W top corners. - Specially onto the exposed W surface.
    IPCOM000231096D | 2013-Sep-26
  5. 65.
    Disclosed is a method to implement topology optimization in a model-based metrology technique. With this invention, in-line topology optimization uses the root-mean-square difference between simulated and experimental signals. The topology algorithm proposed herein is a level-set based boundary moving method.
    IPCOM000231095D | 2013-Sep-26
  6. 66.
    Disclosed is a method to print an entire PCB using 3D printing technology.
    IPCOM000231094D | 2013-Sep-26
  7. 67.
    Disclosed are flame-retardant polymers containing renewable content.
    IPCOM000231093D | 2013-Sep-26
  8. 68.
    The present invention provides cementing compositions comprising cement kiln dust (CKD) for use in low temperature (e.g., about 60°F or less) well cementing applications to reduce transition time. In an embodiment of the invention, CKD is incorporated into a standard deepwater cement system to lower the transition...
    IPCOM000231090D | 2013-Sep-25
  9. 69.
    Disclosed are a system and method that facilitate human or programmatic annotation of semantic relations that have entities that span multiple documents.
    IPCOM000231089D | 2013-Sep-25
  10. 70.
    Disclosed is a method for verifying authorized user on voice-controlled devices
    IPCOM000231088D | 2013-Sep-25