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  1. 81.
    A method is disclosed for detecting strength and accessibility of a wireless network without fully powering on a device. The method includes determining strength of a wireless network in the vicinity of the device and determining encryption status of the wireless network.
    IPCOM000231076D | 2013-Sep-25
  2. 82.
    A method and system is disclosed for resizing touch components for auto-calibration.
    IPCOM000231075D | 2013-Sep-25
  3. 83.
    Although the design of most power distribution schemes requires many resources, those schemes are often not fully utilized. Underutilization of a power system lowers the efficiency of the total system, while increasing the cost of implementing that same system. The concept of optimizing the intermediate bus of a...
    IPCOM000231074D | 2013-Sep-25
  4. 84.
    A method is disclosed for measuring interest level of participants viewing a presentation that is presented remotely using a remote session. The presentation may be presented remotely through a conference call. The method includes gathering and analyzing metrics associated with the presentation, a presenter of...
    IPCOM000231073D | 2013-Sep-25
  5. 85.
    A method and system is disclosed for warning laptop users of a possible blood clot. The warning is served to the users through sensors placed in and/or around the laptop’s keyboard. The sensors are used to detect insufficiency in blood flow and provide an early warning to the users regarding possible blood clots.
    IPCOM000231071D | 2013-Sep-25
  6. 86.
    A method and system is disclosed for updating firmware in a high performance computing cluster. The method and system scans firmware and Operating System (OS) and identifies any discrepancies. Thereafter, the identified discrepancies are resolved and an optimum process for utilizing the firmware is posted.
    IPCOM000231070D | 2013-Sep-25
  7. 87.
    Disclosed is a system to ensure the validity of configurations on servers. The system allows an embedded set of approved configurations to be compared against the current setup at boot time. The system determines which configurations are approved, and then allows those to be mapped to the code set.
    IPCOM000231069D | 2013-Sep-25
  8. 88.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically adjusting display screens to users’ eyesight sensitivity. The method and system allows display devices to profile users’ ability to sharply focus and capability to read the output correctly. The profile is used by an analytics engine that correlates certain...
    IPCOM000231068D | 2013-Sep-25
  9. 89.
    Presented is a system and method for filtering based on ethernet II frames for use in a clustered environment.
    IPCOM000231067D | 2013-Sep-25
  10. 90.
    The background of this invention is the area of Mobile Applications which need to be communicated to the existent back-end systems (systems of record) to transfer and obtain data back and forth to display / interact with users on various application and network situations. The problem solved by this invention is that...
    IPCOM000231066D | 2013-Sep-25