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    The innovation describes a technique for removing particles which are embedded in or under a coating by combining an optical inspection system which detects the particles with a laser ablation system which subsequently ablates the particle and the coating thus cleaning the substrate.
    IPCOM000232323D | 2013-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000232322D | 2013-Oct-31
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    This note describes a method that facilitates the research of literature or other electronic resources. Bookmarks of a retrieval or viewing system are advanced automatically to the latest viewing position and are automatically set when accessing references.
    IPCOM000232321D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a material and method to deter counterfeiting based on a solder reflow counter.
    IPCOM000232320D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a methodology wherein, post analysis of the design, shields are removed for nets when there are no nets nearby. This is done by the static timing tool and any timing impact is fixed by one of many timing closure methods.
    IPCOM000232319D | 2013-Oct-31
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    In today’s demanding environment service providers are striving to increase their business agility while minimizing operational costs. For this an adaptable, extensible infrastructure is the key. In such a complex integration environment with heterogeneous data sources the risk of truncation of data field impacts the...
    IPCOM000232318D | 2013-Oct-31
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    This disclosure focuses on a technique to find out auto corrected words(along with the originally entered words) at the receiver's end.
    IPCOM000232317D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Generic algorithm for generating random numbers specifically using widely used Java ® API
    IPCOM000232316D | 2013-Oct-31
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    The disclosure in the article is useful for all systems that involve generation of alerts to the intended user and require penetration check data to ensure high data throughput along with message understanding guarantee. The disclosure in the article helps the business to communicate frequent changes, alerts and...
    IPCOM000232315D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed here is a UI affordance that will enhance user experience during Root-Cause Analysis, or user’s efforts to unearth deeper insights via intuitive indicators/markers on concerned data points in charts. The approach disclosed also introduces an RCA option toolbar on the target reports, which will help user...
    IPCOM000232314D | 2013-Oct-31