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    The main aim of this publication is to propose a sustainable prediction model with respect to farming which will help to address existing issues with respect to crop prediction. The prediction model works to collect existing crop data, perform an analytics to generate average yield of that particular crop from a...
    IPCOM000232313D | 2013-Oct-31
  2. 12.
    This article describes a self learning tool which helps design,convert and test, like to like conversions using a view called Dynamic Design Panel.
    IPCOM000232312D | 2013-Oct-31
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    This article describes about water saving in all hot water distribution systems using thermal and mechanical devices in combination with sensor devices. The various avenues of water wastage have been shown and the amount of water savings possible has also been calculated. The circuit used for ensuring this savings...
    IPCOM000232311D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a collaborative approach to risk management that improves efficiency and provides a comprehensive view. New elements enable the collaborative approach via all the existing collaborative management systems. The core elements of a channel based risk value object include the request for an action, the...
    IPCOM000232310D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a method for performing novel loop transformations for an imperfect loop nest with early exits. The novel technique optimizes complex loop nests and imperfect loop nests with early exits, through the following novel transformations: outer loop splitting with pre-computation, and unroll-and-jam with...
    IPCOM000232309D | 2013-Oct-31
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    A short circuit protection for an ignition that protects the ignition from occassional or continuouse short circuits on the coil primary wires.
    IPCOM000232308D | 2013-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is an extended cache invalidation system comprised of novel methods to improve invalidation as well as invalidation at peak operating time. It describes the idea of single and distributed systems working in unison to provide a robust and comprehensive caching and invalidation strategy.
    IPCOM000232307D | 2013-Oct-31
  8. 18.
    Disclosed is a method to help e-retailers prioritize inventory based on customer and product profiles. The novel concept for this inventory management system enables preferential inventory reservation treatment for customers fitting a particular profile.
    IPCOM000232306D | 2013-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a mechanism for generating instructions that cause hardware (HW) exceptions to implement a function, but with no additional overhead for common (non-exceptional) inputs.
    IPCOM000232305D | 2013-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a high performance and scale data lookup mechanism based on range keys in the scope of an Enterprise Data Grid (EDG). The innovative step is to redesign the EDG hash index so that the range cache value can be "read" and "written" based on the key ranges specified.
    IPCOM000232304D | 2013-Oct-30