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  1. 71.
    This idea facilitates restricted, or pseudo-private conversations, within a public social media channel such as Twitter. It is achieved using a public hashtag and a hash of the hashtag, wherein the hashing algorithm is shared amongst a restricted set of people.
    IPCOM000232253D | 2013-Oct-29
  2. 72.
    IPCOM000232252D | 2013-Oct-29
  3. 73.
    Method to find instruction mix and optimal execution trace using branch history
    IPCOM000232251D | 2013-Oct-29
  4. 74.
    A counter is a logic circuit used for counting the number of times a particular event has happened with respect to a clock signal. A Gray Counter is a special type of counter where any two adjacent counting states differ by only 1-bit. A conventional gray counter design: • Is not modular in design. One cannot...
    IPCOM000232249D | 2013-Oct-28
  5. 75.
    Conventional Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) requires a build-up process with a re-distribution layer to place solder ball interconnects within the die/package area. The build up process is relatively expensive compared to the standard wire bond assembly process. In addition, a different equipment set is...
    IPCOM000232248D | 2013-Oct-28
  6. 76.
    IPCOM000232247D | 2013-Oct-28
  7. 77.
    A method and system is disclosed for preventing distribution of undesirable content over social media or email by detecting larger than normal distribution lists. The method includes taking an action to mitigate a risk when sending a message to a larger than normal distribution lists. The action includes...
    IPCOM000232246D | 2013-Oct-28
  8. 78.
    This article describes a method for the implementation of a file system based on software packages where the individual files can be installed on demand from their belonging software package when they are accessed. In such a file system the file entries are associated to the package to which a file belongs. Initially...
    IPCOM000232245D | 2013-Oct-28
  9. 79.
    A system and method is disclosed for comparing similar documents to determine a priority ranking for each document based on words, phrases and expressions that is not well translated in the document. The method and system includes dynamically evaluating content text of the documents to identify what languages would...
    IPCOM000232244D | 2013-Oct-28
  10. 80.
    In the case of a conventional cooling fan adapted for cooling a vehicle engine, fan blades are generally mounted rigidly on a shaft which is preferably connected directly with a cooling water pump fitted on the engine and driven thereby. The present invention provides a fan wherein the blades are adjustable as to...
    IPCOM000232243D | 2013-Oct-28