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    IPCOM000233193D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000233192D | 2013-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000233191D | 2013-Nov-29
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    A typical Power Reverser consists of multiple forward directions and reverse direction settings. These drivetrains also comprises clutch packs and creeper gear assemblies, wherein, the creeper gears in such drivetrain are assembled after the reduction speed gears. Due to the excessive torque applicable at this...
    IPCOM000233190D | 2013-Nov-29
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    In dieser Abhandlung werden spezielle Cyclohexanderivate beschrieben, für die zahlreiche kosmetische Anwendungen bekannt sind, darunter die Verwendung zur Stabilisierung gegen Verkeimung. Desweiteren sind diese Substanzen gut verträglich und zeichnen sich dadurch aus, daß sie biologisch gut abbaubar sind und sich...
    IPCOM000233189D | 2013-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000233188D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Nov-29
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    Disclosed is an approach for data navigation that resembles gamification. This method uses a dial control with two intertwined circles that allow users to quickly navigate hierarchies of data using roll, drag, and tap gestures.
    IPCOM000233187D | 2013-Nov-29
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    Disclosed is a system to detect and analyze a user's role/profile and context, and then relate that to building the right software installer and packages to match the user's purposes.
    IPCOM000233186D | 2013-Nov-29
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    Disclosed is a method to provide a simple and generic declarative syntax (query language) and method to access data for the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) application domain.
    IPCOM000233185D | 2013-Nov-29
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    Disclosed are a method and system to use the eye-tracking system technology directly in a personal computer (PC), in particular working on web browsers, to improve the performance of creating a cache based on an analysis of the user’s eye movements.
    IPCOM000233184D | 2013-Nov-29