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    Thus, for debug, utilizing the multiplexers, we can arrange all of the latches of the various elastic buffers into a single scan chain. The regular functional clock is run up until a breakpoint is reached, and the NoC is set to scan mode. The scan mode control signal is the control for the multiplexers, which thus...
    IPCOM000233891D | 2013-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000233890D | 2013-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000233889D | 2013-Dec-26
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    Meeting functionality at low voltage, slow process corners while meeting high performance for SRAM compilers (range of words and bits/word sizes) is a challenge. A tracking circuit is usually used to meet the yield even at the worst case corner, but improve the performance at rest of the yield friendly corners...
    IPCOM000233888D | 2013-Dec-26
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    Method to save storage space consumed by electronic mailboxes using content aware deduplication.
    IPCOM000233887D | 2013-Dec-26
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    In this disclosure we talk about, running online file system check (fsck) on storage array controller using SCSI Command Descriptor Block (CDB), in operating system agnostic manner. By offloading this process to the controller, network traffic can be avoided thus improving the overall fsck performance.
    IPCOM000233886D | 2013-Dec-26
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    In this article, we propose a method for clustering of data into groups such that convexity of clusters is ensured in subspaces (i.e., subsets of attributes) as indicated by the user. Convex clusters are expected to be easier to perform a variety of tasks, including visualization, and in representing compactly. This...
    IPCOM000233885D | 2013-Dec-26
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    A cluster environment consists of multiple nodes managed by a cluster management software. The nodes in a cluster can also send and receive messages over Fibre Channel link instead of ethernet, when they function as SCSI targets. It is highly possible with the increasing virtualization in SAN environments, the nodes...
    IPCOM000233884D | 2013-Dec-26
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    Usually migrating a disk device (representing a LUN) to PPRC device (representing a PPRC LUN) requires the device to be unconfigured and reconfigured on a host operating system. The following article discloses a method of migrating a disk device to PPRC device without requiring the device to be unconfigured and...
    IPCOM000233883D | 2013-Dec-26
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    This publication is addressing a problem related to thermal management of semiconductor chip. Higher density of devices and usage of SOI leads to higher heat dissipation requirement and increases the challenges faced by the cooling systems. It is well established that direct chip level cooling increases the overall...
    IPCOM000233882D | 2013-Dec-26