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    With PowerVM Shared Storage Pool(SSP) we intend to bring the storage administration to the server, as the server administrators are well aware of their requirements. This eliminates the dependency on the SAN administrators. With SSP, we need make sure that all the storage devices (disks) are accessible to all the...
    IPCOM000233881D | 2013-Dec-26
  2. 52.
    User limit are set of system resources and their corresponding values as seen by a operating system user. These user limits often referred to as ulimits provides control over the resources available to the shell and to processes started by it, on systems that allow such control. This article explains a mechanism to...
    IPCOM000233880D | 2013-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000233879D | 2013-Dec-25
  4. 54.
    An automatable method to help an enterprise identify the most appropriate data to off-load from a relational data warehouse to a big data alternative Data lineage is invoked on each table to identify: The impacted data routines The dependent assets that have business value These are use to calculate the latency...
    IPCOM000233878D | 2013-Dec-25
  5. 55.
    The problem relates to HW/SW products that need to comply with a specification that includes transactions. Examples of such products include processors of multiple processor/thread architectures that include transactional memory. Software examples include JVMs that support Java with transactions, and DB management...
    IPCOM000233877D | 2013-Dec-25
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    A mechanism that automatically generates "similar" multiple choice questions, to be used during an interactive test, for a student on a certain topic. This is in order to get a clear indication that the student understand the topic. The mechanism, cluster question, consists of a question header and two groups...
    IPCOM000233876D | 2013-Dec-25
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    IPCOM000233875D | 2013-Dec-24
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    La présente invention vise à proposer un dispositif d’atténuation acoustique d’une nacelle d’aéronef remarquable en ce qu’il comprend au moins un dispositif d’alimentation électrique, présentant une impédance électrique variable, et au moins un émetteur acoustique alimenté par le dispositif d’alimentation électrique,...
    IPCOM000233874D | 2013-Dec-24
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing a model based long advertisement title. The method and system calculates a score for Click-Through Rate (CTR) of every pair of a query and a candidate for a long advertisement title. Thereafter, the method and system selects a candidate with the highest score using a...
    IPCOM000233873D | 2013-Dec-24
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing a unique way of linking online advertising clicks with an embedded giveaway in a device, by using a pre-embedded giveaway or a personalized giveaway created by a user. Also, the method and system allows a user to create a personalized physical giveaway on an online...
    IPCOM000233872D | 2013-Dec-24